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    Buried planes unearthed in central Turkey

    Here's a story from the past. Could they still fly, and will anyone try? Over 50 missing warplanes found buried in central Turkey: Report - LOCAL
  2. KKOB

    Evidence of Previously Unknown Race Unearthed

    AL JIZAH, EGYPT—A team of British and Egyptian archaeologists made a stunning discovery on Monday. Archaeological Dig Uncovers Ancient Race | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
  3. VWBug

    Ancient Tablets Unearthed In Sivas

    SIVAS - Tablets belonged to Hittite and Asurian trade colonies, and stone-relief of Hittite gods were unearthed during excavations in Kayalipinar ruins near Yildizeli town of central Turkish city of Sivas, sources told the A.A on Tuesday. German Marburg University Department of Archaeology...
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