1. Mushtaq

    Can a hidden underwater city bring tourists back to Turkey?

    Off the coast of the Turkish city of Antalya lies the small uninhabited island of Kekova. It’s a beautiful and tranquil place, with water a jewelled shade of blue. It’s also fragrant, as “Kekova” derives from the Turkish word for thyme. But the island is perhaps best known for its curious...
  2. suzyq

    Underwater museum opens in Side

    Turkey’s and Europe’s first underwater museum has officially opened in Antalya. The museum displays 110 sculptures in five different themes Turkey?s first underwater museum opens in Side - ARTS
  3. CJD

    Underwater camera recomendations

    I want to buy an underwater camera has anyone any recomedations, depth is not a problem cause its just for snorkeling I am considering the Olympus MJU 770SW or the pentaxW30 which are supposed to be waterproof without a housing does anyone have either of these cameras or could recomend another...
  4. merlin

    Turkish man breaks underwater world record....

    A former Turkish marine stayed underwater for 121 hours and 35 minutes, breaking a world record, on Sunday. Namik Ekin, a former Turkish marine, stayed underwater for 121 hours and 35 minutes, setting a new world record. Following the end of his ordeal in a swimming pool of a mall in Istanbul...
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