1. T

    Understanding the IBAN

    Hello, A person sent money to my account using eft. I could not see his IBAN in my receipt got from internet bank. I just see his name and surname and the related bank. Is there anyway to know the IBAN? If I go to bank do they give me sender's IBAN? Is it generally like this? Why is that? Thanks
  2. RachelAlicia93

    Need help understanding Turkish visas!!

    Hi guys, I'm a bit confused right now. I have a turkish boyfriend and I have just visited him for two weeks, he is going back to university next week and I am going to visit him in May and stay for two weeks again, but I will be staying for 2 months from June to August this summer, also cos I do...
  3. Y

    Understanding the recipe - help!

    I'm a decidedly late learner in the kitchen area, so need some advice. I've just bought a book (a US publication not a Turkish one) which contains all raw food recipes. Alot of them call for 'raw sunflower seeds' sometimes soaked and sometimes unsoaked - to make pates, granola, museli etc...
  4. mollag

    Understanding Women

    Just arrived, the definitive tome on explaing women This it seems is the executive summary! :45:
  5. M

    understanding interest on savings

    good afternoon all i wonder if you can help me understand how much interest i would get on my savings there in turkey ie. the way i see it if i had 100,000.00 GBP in garranti bank transfered to turkish lira at a rate of 2.80 (280,000.00tl) giving me say 10% the interest earned per month would...
  6. jenifer

    Understanding Women

    Thank heavens, the abridged version hit the book shops today. Ron :biggrin:
  7. T

    Understanding the required quorum

    I am having some difficulty understanding the required quorum, it has something to do with the figure on the TAPU on ours its 55/1325 but I don't understand what this means. The complex held its first meeting in 2010 but this was not carried out under the legal process, so another one has been...
  8. pineapple1

    Understanding Boat Trips !!!

    I Phoned hubby today and there was ructions going on He asked me to call back in half hour , I called back but still the row was going on , It was a English woman making a complaint and getting no were , She was complaing that the boat didn't go anywhere . I've been on many boat trips but never...
  9. ceemac

    Understanding Politics

    Coming up to a UK election, this young boy's grasp of politics might help us all understand it :hehe: 'A little boy goes to his dad and asks, 'What is Politics?' Dad says, 'Well son, let me try to explain it this way: I am the head of the family, so call me The Prime Minister. Your...
  10. S

    Understanding Electricity Bill

    can someone give a translation of the items on electric bill as I need to decifer what is what on bill.
  11. peter the postie

    An understanding wife

    What a brilliant wife I have. As members will know I have been restoring my Fizzy moped all over the house. For the past 3 months its been in the front room downstairs along with all the mess that comes with it. Tools, spares, oily rags, and even oil on the laminate floor! Yesterday I completed...
  12. bobthenob

    Understanding electric bill

    Trying to understand your electricity bill can be a hair puller at the best of times.But wait a minute..The voice paper printed an article for people to make sense of it. Here is the copy of the article. Understanding your electricity bill THE 3 tariff system is available for standard domestic...
  13. T

    Understanding Your Bird’s Body Language.

    Understanding Your Bird’s Body Language. With the large influx of bird aviators..these are a few simple rules on understanding your bird. One of the most important aspects in maintaining and creating a successful relationship is the ability to understand your bird’s body language and...
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