1. j in bo

    Underfloor heating

    We are planning to have work on our villa started this winter. In the UK, have found water piped underfloor heating to be our preferred option. Has anyone experience of this in Turkey and could it be run from a solar roof tank system. Thanks J
  2. stevecarol

    rads or underfloor

    Hi All We have to decide on the type of heating that we are to have installed in villa very soon. We are looking at Radiators and also Underfloor. Were really undecided as to which way we go even after reading all the info on here. Also underfloor heating is quite new to Turkey i believe, so...
  3. R

    Underfloor heating.

    Hi there one n all, Has anyone had any info or dealings with Under floor heating in houses? I've done electric underfloor heating in the UK with great success and I am thinking of putting it in the house we have in Turkey. Any info would be greatly appreciated, good or bad. Thanks. :hmm:
  4. H

    Underfloor Heating

    Has anyone had this fitted retrospectively as in bought a house complete and wanted if fitting afterwards? Can anyone recommend anyone or even know how much it would cost per room, the house is approx 1000sq m. Many thanks
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