1. ICF

    Umit Apartments Ovacik

    Can anybody tell me if Umit apartments are still open in Ovacik?I have tried emailing but didn't get a reply .:: UMIT VILLA APART ÖLÜDENÝZ- FETHÝYE - TURKEY ::.
  2. R

    Umit the Clown performs for Turquoise Owners

    Umit the Clown perform for Turquoise owners A few weeks ago when I was in Turkey All Turquoise owners were treated to a meal and clown performance by Umit of VT the theme was great jokes about how honest they were and yes ok they have made a few thousand mistakes and that not only was he a...
  3. U

    Hello from Umit

    Hello everybody I am Umit for Crescent Homes and Akaylar Emlak. I look forward to seeing you all in our office for a cay or coffee. You are all welcome. :24: Umit
  4. Tonya

    Umit and Karen

    Hi Umit, being as nosy as Gail and Lorraine :lol: I was wondering what took you to the USA and if you always planned to stay there permanently. I'm interested in these things! :)
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