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  1. suzyq

    UK/Turkey Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement

    I saw this post on the UK in Turkey webpage. It's the last post in the 'Thank you for your feeedback on SGK' dated the 3 January 2014. Thank you for your email of 27 January to Jeremy Hunt about healthcare in Turkey. I have been asked to reply. The UK has no plans to enter into negotiations...
  2. Yalides

    TV in UK/Turkey

    What a load of crap in both countries. Just a few mediocre programmes holding together a load of repetitive, boring money lending ads..... Thank god for the free film sites and the internet.
  3. Yalides

    Worst resorts in UK/Turkey

    Clacton on sea and Hisaronu. Should twin these two dumps. What are your choices ?
  4. karios

    UK/Turkey removels

    I have been asked to leave details here about the Guy who does removals back and forth from The UK and Turkey. They are moving us in December to Gumusluk from London.... door to door. I asked the guy if I could leave his details here and he said that its OK. His name is Rusit e-mail...
  5. E

    Health&Safety UK/Turkey

    Maybe it is because I am not British, but do any of you agree that the UK has become totally obsessed with Health & Safety rules? I was watching the BBC One Show a couple of weeks ago and they were showing the opening of a new bridge, the old one having been destroyed in the floods last...
  6. S

    Exchange rate UK/Turkey

    Hi I'm going over to Datca next Friday and was wondering if I should change my money here in the UK, or wait until I get over to Datca? I was thinking of only changing a couple of hundred pounds here and then changing it over there or paying in British Pounds (as they seem to give a better...
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