1. G

    Bodrum/Konacik UFO's

    UFO sightings on the rise this month near port city in Turkey (Photos) | Openminds.tv :confused::confused::confused:
  2. S

    Ufo experts assassinated?

    Some on here might find this interesting Yahoo News UK & Ireland - Latest World News & UK News Headlines
  3. Z

    Ufo's spotted in Akbuk

    Ufuk's Friendly Owners.......Ha ha. Well it sounds less politically minded than Citizen Smith's "Tooting Popular Front". I will arrange a meeting with Mr Ufuk in one week. Where i will inform him of our intention to form an Owners Representation/Board of Auditors which will take effect as of...
  4. teosgirl

    UFO sighting documentary Nat Geo

    I've just turned to national geographic channel and there are two 1 hour back to back UFO related programs. I thought some members may be interested in watching. Charlotte
  5. teosgirl

    UFO in Izmir

    İzmir'de UFO iddiası - Foto Galeri CNNTurk.com Todays hot news. It's not made the English Turkish Dailys yet. Charlotte
  6. gerald

    Giant UFO filmed at close range in Turkey

    I haven't seen anything like this since I infiltrated the human race over 50years ago..... Giant UFO filmed at close range in Turkey Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com Turkey is definitely one of the world's great UFO hot spots. Many believe one of at least five Eurasian UFO highway...
  7. Andy

    Ufo files Released

    MOD close encounter files released MoD shows 'close encounter' files - AOL NEWS
  8. J

    One for UFO fans

    Checkout this amazing footage of a UFO caught flying over Los Angeles. I've watched it a few times and am convinced it's genuine. UFO Over Downtown Los Angeles on MSN Video
  9. John O' Dreams

    UFO mystery

    UFO mystery: did Churchill and Eisenhower cover up sightings? With a civilian population haunted by the Blitz and the Second World War still in the balance, it was one development Winston Churchill could have done without – an incursion into British airspace by an arrow-shaped metallic object...
  10. N

    UFO Wanted

    If anyone has an UFO for sale, or you know someone who has one for sale, please post a reply..Thankyou :36:
  11. Mushroom

    UFO sighting ??

    Heard this one on the news this afternoon and apparently its had a mention in some newspapers, personally I think it's got to be a wind up. Apparently if the tale is to believed a Police helicopter about to land somewhere in Cardiff encountered a 'saucer' shaped object hovering at low altitude...
  12. simon90

    UFO's in Turkey?

    With all this about the MOD releasing information about UFO spottings etc, I just wondered whether you have seen any in Turkey?
  13. Helenm150


    Hi everyone, does anyone use or know anything about an electric heater called a UFO? Apparently they belt out the heat but don't use daft amounts of electricity to run! Helen
  14. peter the postie

    UFO'S over Haiti?

    Some amazing footage of an alleged ufo visit over Haiti & the Dominican republic. This is supposed to have happened only this month (6th august) and I have to admit, it's pretty convincing stuff. The first link is to the actual footage, and the second is to one guys analysis of it...
  15. C

    UFO's over Altinkum

    I took this photo across hunter's valley in altinkum in April. I only recently noticed the two flying objects right of centre when I zoomed in. I can't remember seeing or hearing anything overhead at that time. - SPOOOKEY!!!! Presumably they are helicopters??? Are helicopters a familiar sight...
  16. T

    UFO sighting in turkey. again by pilots

    AFTER MY RECENT VIEWING AND RECORDING OF STRANGE OBJECTS IN THE SKY OVER KUSADASI IN JULY.AND HANDING OVER THE RELEVANT TAPE TO THE AUTHORITYS.... Greek and Turkish air force pilots, sharing contested Aegean airspace, are used to seeing a fighter or two of their usually friendly adversary...
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