1. mollag

    Typical Isle of Man RTA.

    Total gridlock after this shunt 69191966 370123863678836 7010273344005950778 n 2 - YouTube
  2. Spurs


    If I am reading this right, the guys who spilled the beans on the tax fiddles going on in Luxemburg, are/have been charged. Something about nicking the data. On appearances (as yet) none of the big companies involved have been nicked, nor has Juncker the now President of the EU. Nothing changes...
  3. P

    Typical Selling Costs - Bodrum area

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me what a usual percentage charge would be by an estate agent to sell a property in the Bodrum area? Any recommendations? Thanks
  4. Summertime

    Typical Pension in Turkey

    What is a normal Pension in Turkey? Somebody are talking about 1000-1300 Lira, as far as I can understand, this is far more than what normal Turks earn.
  5. G

    Typical Wages In Turkey

    Just wondering what typical monthly wage's are in Turkey (in Turkish Lira), for a variety of different professions. If you have some idea, please state the profession and the monthly or annual wage. Thank you
  6. T

    Typical rent prices for 2 bed apartment in Side?

    Hi, I am contemplating renting out my 2 bed/2 bathroom apartment located in one of the Mecitoglu developments. Can anyone give a guide on what the likely rent per calendar month I could look to achieve if I was to let out my apartment for a minimum of 6 months? Tha apartment is fully...
  7. ceemac


    Picture the scene 'cos it happens to all of us.. You're driving along happily, minding your own business, when all of a sudden and without warning, this dick in a truck pulls out right in front of you! C
  8. M

    Typical Male Comment

    A middle aged woman standing nude looks in the bedroom mirror and says to her husband, "I look horrible - I'm fat, my boobs and my backside are getting saggier every day. I find a new wrinkle every morning and I think I ll have to go up yet ANOTHER dress size." Sitting down with her head in...
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