1. newhorizon

    New Breast cancer test that can detect 7 types of cancers

    October is Breast awareness week so you there are a lot of news stories about breast cancer but some news excited me this morning.... It's not every day you open the newspaper and are delighted to see a routine lab method and technology test that's made the news by colleagues you have worked...
  2. culturevulture

    types of airconditioning units???

    Can someone tell me in simple terms, as to what is the difference between, inverted, split and plasma airconditioning units, please? I am thinking of changing the one in my salon to a more energy efficient one, for heating during the winter. Are there better brands than Beko or Bosch? Mary.
  3. I

    Bodrum Dog collars / bark electronic types ?

    I am wondering if any other dog owners here know if there is somewhere in Bodrum where you can buy electronic / bark stop dog collars (not to be confused with shock collars we have seen these... ) electronic collars send a high pitch sound with warning to prevent barking. ) Or any other...
  4. S

    Types of rice

    Hi, can anyone tell me difference between the rice in turkey? There is baldo, osmancik, etc. I'm looking for rice commonly served in Chinese restaurants. Is glutinous rice available? Pls advise. TQ
  5. Y

    Map-orientated types....

    Can anyone help re the (precise) boundaries/extent of the city of Alanya please? Going in from the north, where the gallerie are, there is/are signposts depicting the city limits. On the east side, would I be correct in saying that the 'Cerve Yolu' (dual-carriageway) forms the extent of Alanya...
  6. S

    Paint types, help/advise

    Help. Does anyone out there know the Turkish names for paint that in England we call Matt Emulsion, (for use on walls) and Gloss (for use on woodwork). Need to spruce up a room out there when we come over in a couple of weeks time. Thanks to all in anticipation.
  7. D

    Types of broadband connection

    Hi,I am asking this question in case we have any difficulties getting a phone line. Is there a broadband supplier in Turkey that supplies via wireless connection.I dont mean the usual type of thing that internet cafes do,I mean a way to connect to the internet via a receiver on your roof.We have...

    Types of Milk in Turkey

    Can anyone tell me why there are so many different brands of long life milk in Turkey.
  9. M

    curtains/fitting poles & bed types

    Hello, I am coming to Bodrum to furnish my apartment 7th April - does anyone know if there is a good, reasonably priced shop who will supply all curtains/blinds and instal them? I do not fancy my chances with drilling into the new walls myself!!! Also, sorry, another question - does anyone...
  10. shirleyanntr

    types of work permits

    from zaman *┼×evket Tezel is a specialist in Human Resources and social security issues types of work permits Work permits given to foreigners are classified as temporary work permits, permanent work permits, permits for independent work and permits for exceptional situations. 1 -- Temporary...
  11. Lindy

    Tips on the types of essential foodstuffs to buy

    Hi it would be useful if anyone could provide tips on what types of essential foodstuffs to buy e.g. milk, butter etc. and what brands, Turkish names etc. I am sure it is a process of trial and error, which many members have already gone through. Many thanks Linda :)
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