1. B

    Type of Visa:

    Hi, In a few short years my wife and I will have retired from our jobs. We have an apartment in Yalikavak and our plan is to travel back and forth between maybe,April and October. For us to go beyond the holiday visa of ninety day stay, can you please please explain what type of visa is...
  2. M

    Cost of type 1 diabetes in turkey

    Hi my name is mark and me and my wife are considering retiring to turkey, however one of the main drawbacks I can see as a type 1 diabetic is a complete lack of information regarding health care costs. could any other type 1 diabetics currently retired in turkey please help me regarding what the...
  3. R

    Type of ownership

    Hello, Does anyone know what Kat Irfifaki means on a red tapu? Thank you
  4. beyazbayan

    Blood type AB negative needed

    My mother is scheduled for a heart operation on Thursday. She needs 8 units of AB negative blood, which is very rare. I have been searching everywhere for this blood type and have found some units and blood doners, but it isn't enough for the operation. If anyone here has blood type AB negative...
  5. R

    Buffet type restaurants in Didim or Altinkum

    Any ideas where I can find a buffet type restaurants in either Didim or Altinkum. Name,location and or tel no would be great. Many thanks in advance of any replies.
  6. A

    Turkey-Ordnance survey type maps

    I am a member of a walking club here in Fethiye. The local chamber of commerce have issued a very good book showing walks and cylce rides in the area. However the map provided is not very good. Has anyone come across any maps similar to the Ordnance survey maps printed in the UK?
  7. S

    carpenter type of chappie required for a custom-built wardrobe

    My stairs has a hole under it. Well, not a hole, but the usual triangular space. Anyone know who can build me a wardrobe in that triangular space?
  8. S

    What Type Of Fruit Is This?

    We've just got back from 12 days at our apartment and just before we left last night our Turkish neighbour brought us some fruit which she had picked - can anyone one tell me what they are please from the picture below. The are gooseberry size, smooth skinned and quite hard. I believe that they...
  9. ted j

    New type of christmas tree

  10. Fuzzy

    New type of habitacion certificate

    Hi !...Would anybody happen to have a copy of the new type of habitacion certificate ? its pictured on a thumbnail by " Mal Lisa " under the heading " Tapu/Dask/Habitacion....then first post on "Habitacion Certs " and on 17th Nov 2009 !!! but the quality is not good enough to enlarge. Does...
  11. raven

    ISA type accounts in Turkey

    Hi Ok I am a financial dummy I know very little but we want to start saving some money each month for our retirement and for our son's university fees etc. What is a good investment account here in Turkey do they have such things as ISA's I had a look on garanti but I got lost and confused...
  12. P

    Changes in complex type

    We bought apartments in an upmarket complex in 2006. There were 48 apartments approx 24 were sold, however with the economic downturn the owner decided to make ends meet he would change the remaining 24 apartments into approx 50 letting rooms (with seperate room numbers and front doors) and...
  13. newhorizon

    What type of holiday?

    Just wondered what type of holiday do you usually book? (excluding your Holiday home in Turkey) is it packaged holiday (with everything included e.g. flights/travel, accommodation) or independant -you independantly book transport e.g. flights, hotel/apartment etc I realise you may do both, but...
  14. tinkycarol

    "No Nails" type product available?

    Hi, is there an equivalent product to "No Nails" glue/tubes in Turkey? If so please can you tell me the name. Got some bitty jobs to do but don't want to put a mastic gun thing or whatever they're called in my luggage. Thanks Carol
  15. perfect1949

    what is your type ??

    what is your type of person that you would like to spend the rest of your life with ? . dave
  16. yalimart

    Happy Birthday Jaguar e type

    always wanted the convertible model but never got one ! Jaguar E-Type turns 50 - Yahoo! Cars martin
  17. juco

    Blood type V personality

    Does your blood type match your personality? Here are the general ideas of each blood type. The Rh factor plays no role in the blood type/personality idea: Type O: Type O's are outgoing, and very social. They are initiators, although they don't always finish what they start. Creative and...
  18. F

    yoga or tai chi type instructors

    Hi everyone, I'm heading to my apartment on Sunlight for my annual chill with one of my gal pals in early September and we fancy the idea of a yoga or similar lesson on site everyday and I would be very grateful if you or anyone you know who may not be a TLer who is qualified as an instructor...
  19. G

    type 1 diabetes

    hi folks am considering moving to turkey full time after buying a property. i am insulin dependent diabetic for 40 years and wondered if any fellow sufferers had any advice or comments on their experience of living with this condition in turkey would be interested to hear about prices for...
  20. zozatky

    Car port ( Cantilever type)

    Any one out there built this type here in Turkey . Ie bought from a Turkish comp or built yourself info needed please.
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