1. hijo


    ..first time I have witnessed a tornado in turkey .scary stuff ..this was taken a couple of hours ago.. .... ''twister on wednesday market'' - YouTube ..
  2. ceemac

    Toughest Tongue Twister

    The toughest tongue twister in the English language is apparently this; The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep is sick I can hardly even say it slowly!! Some Turkish ones are; Bir berber bir berbere gel beraber Berberistanda bir berber dükkanı açalım demiş. (One barber said to another...
  3. bobthenob

    a twister in Akbuk

    lt was the 6th of November,atrocious wheather hit Akbuk all day,with the heavy rain appeared in a few minutes to the sun showing.Then when l was emptying the pool of the excess water,a twister that only lasted 30 seconds or less, took shape just 50 yards from my house that sounded like a train...
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