1. H

    Twisted bitch

    Should have been given 5 years BBC News - Angela England jailed over Conwy false rape allegation
  2. T

    Sick and Twisted

    We are used to stories about some vile 'Islamic' imams solving the problem of rape by saying the rapist should marry the victim. Now we have a vile 'Christian' candidate for the US Senate solving the problem by saying that pregnancies caused by rape were "something God intended to happen". What...
  3. scotssteve

    Twisted sick b*****ds!

    Warning do not read this - you may be physically sick! Release of suspects in teen rape case causes outrage 35 men and boys rape & sexually assualt a 14year old girl 19 are caught and charged, taken to court and let back out into the community Including a police officer who is now known to...
  4. lorraine

    Clean Jokes For Slightly Twisted Minds...

    The family Album Noahs Ark And one for the ladies!!!
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