1. martin m

    twins on the way time to sellup.

    Hi all We have heard recently that our sons family who live in Australia, are expecting twins, so Chris and I have decided its time to try and sell up so we can go there more often. Our apartment when we bought it new 7 years ago was described as a duplex penthouse, and its on a cracking complex...
  2. John O' Dreams

    Cork conjoined twins undergoing surgery

    Conjoined twins Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf from Cork are undergoing surgery to separate them at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London. Hassan and Hussein are now four months old and thriving and doctors who have been closely monitoring their progress have determined this to be...
  3. SuperBogs

    Turkish twins with different fathers 'trigger divorce'

    ANKARA (AFP) - A Turkish man decided to divorce his wife after DNA tests showed he was the father of only one of their twin boys, the mass-circulation Sabah newspaper reported Friday. Suspicious that his wife had been unfaithful the security guard from Istanbul identified only as A.K., had...
  4. ceemac

    Twins Commit Suicide Together

    This is awful and is possibly another of those increasingly prevalent 'honour' suicides. 'Hediye and Kadriye Demirel, 21-year-old twin sisters, apparently jumped together from their brother’s seventh-floor apartment Sunday morning at 5:00 a.m.' Here C
  5. luckycat68

    71 year old fathers twins

    Just seen on news that 71 year old Richard Roden is the proud father of twin girls His wife is 25 - he has 12 kids from previous marriages - 36 grandkids - 9 great grandkids . He says he will try again in 2 years time for a boy !! :clap:

    The Twins

    Has anyone heard if the twins have arrived yet? Jeannie :baby: :baby:
  7. P

    The Twins Are On Their Way!!!!!

    The Twins Are(THEIR HERE)!!!!! To all who have asked to be kept informed our twins arrival into this world is imminent Emma's waters broke last night and has been in Chesterfield hospital all day today. As we speak she is being transfered to liverpools womens hospital as they are the nearest...
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