1. A

    At least 27 killed as twin bombings strike Damascus security structures

    Twin explosions have shaken the Syrian capital, killing at least 27 people and injuring up to 100, Syrian TV says, quoting the country’s health minister. Syrian media has dubbed the blasts “terrorist attacks.” Both civilians and security forces are reportedly among the victims. Initial reports...
  2. R

    Turkish town with patron saint link seeks English twin

    BBC News - Urgup in Turkey seeks English twin on St George's Day
  3. shirleyanntr

    benefits from twin towns

    i often wonder about twin towns..what do they do,is there much that goes on between it just a gimmick Alanya is twinned with quite a few european and asian towns..and i was curious to see if other places in Turkey were the same...and guess what..i didnt find one British place that...
  4. Marc

    Tata Twin Cab (seats 6 people) £8000

    Hi everyone, I guess this is a post for the residents as hopefully they have the information readily available. I have been trawling the websites for a car/pickup for our move out to Turkey. Having seen the price of 2nd hand cars and what little you get for £2-4k i have been told that I can...
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