1. S

    Curved screen tvs

    Are these any good? Had a quick look at one recently but didn't really" get it" as regards what the curved screen improved
  2. S

    Pet hate TVs programmes

    There's some programmes I don't like, that's fair enough. But there are also some that really grind my gears even though I don't even watch them Take for example the dirty b@@@@@@s who live in their own filth- and along comes a programme that cleans up the squalor and s@@t these waste of...
  3. suzyq

    Gov’t to charge up to 215 euros for importing TVs, radios

    People importing televisions, radios, and video and other visual devices -- apart from commercial imports -- for private use will be required to pay 10 to 215 euros at customs, the Turkish Cabinet has decided. The decision to charge additional fees for importing televisions and radios as of...
  4. M

    Do UK tvs work in Turkey

    I have been considering bringing a flat screen tv with ipod dock to our apartment but Im not sure if it will work in Turkey. Will it pick up their satelite tv? Maybe this is a stupid question but I don't want to risk carrying it all that way to find it doesn't work.
  5. C


    [left]hello, I`m Chris And Me And My Better Half Have A Place In Akbuk,up On The Asli 85 Koop Site, Across The Road From The Supermarket Near The Island, Quandry, :) Do We Bring Our White Goods Etc Or Sell Off Over Here, For A Pittance, Getting Some Quotes Together And See What Happens, Would...
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