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    Anyone looking for a fridge freezer or tv/dvd?

    Hi, I'm in Dalyan and have a fridge freezer and tv/dvd available. Going back home next week so looking to sort out quickly. Please reply for details. Thanks
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    Is it possible to buy a tv/dvd in yalikavak or bodrum area

    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to buy a TV with integrated DVD player in a medium to large screen anywher in the area and if so roughly how much these are. It is for a smallish living area but would at least need to be between 26inch and 32 inch. If they are available roughly how much can...
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    english tv/dvd player

    hi, just wondering if anyone has taken a small lcd tv/dvd player out to turkey with them? we have seen a good deal in tesco this weekend and wondered if it would be worth buying. We want to be able to catch up on some films whilst we are chilling in our holiday aprtment but arent too bothered...
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    TV/DVD stands

    Hi I've recently upgraded to a larger TV which now looks huge on my existing TV stand. How much should I realistically expect to pay for a stand for a 28/32 inch tv and where do peeps recommend I go in the didim area as i always seem to end up paying well over the odds? id appreciate any...
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