1. immac

    Maths Science Tutor Wanted in Ovacik

    Friend of a friend needs a Maths/Science tutor for a 14 year old Home Schooling at GCSE level (UK exam standard) If anyone can help, please PM me and I will pass on contact number. Ian
  2. P

    Turkish and Farsi tutor wanted.

    I would like to find a qualified and well-organized tutor to teach me the Turkish language in a functional and effective way so that I can integrate better in this country. My native language is English, but I am fluently trilingual and pick up languages well. Ideally we would have weekly or...
  3. S

    looking for a job as a nanny or tutor

    Hello i am 20 and i live in Istanbul. I am looking for a job as a full or part time nanny or tutor. My English and Turkish are fluent as i will be attending University in Istanbul next year i thought i should better get to know the city so i moved. Please contact me for more information i can...
  4. L

    Turkish tutor in Izmir

    Hello everyone, I would like to learn Turkish with the help of a private tutor does anyone know of any well recommended tutors in Izmir? Any help would be apreciated in this matter! God Bless
  5. K

    Private Turkish tutor needed - Stockport area

    Hi can anyone help me, I'm looking for a tutor to teach my 2boys Turkish. They r 4 and 8 years of age and we live in Stockport area,not far from Manchester. There dad is Turkish but works there and I live n work here and we would like our child to learn their fathers language. Any help with be...
  6. R

    Need Online Turkish Tutor

    Merhaba All, I'm looking for an online tutor for serious study of the Turkish language. My budget is 7 euro an hour. Thanks for any and all replies or leads! Adam
  7. R

    Turkish Language Tutor?

    Hi All, I am looking for a good Turkish language tutor in Fethiye. Can anyone make a recommendation? Big thanks!
  8. wiuru

    Gcse Maths Tutor Required

    Our son will be coming out to stay with us for a month or two in Akbuk, although he has 7 GCSE's and 3 A levels (which include IT) for the job he wants to do he really does need to re-sit his GCSE Maths which he got a D in just missed a C which is a pass by a few points and no doubt has...
  9. jane2005

    Turkish language tutor

    Please can someone reccommend a good Turkish language tutor for my children. I am in the Kusadasi area. I am loooking for a private tutor who will teach one to one.
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