1. juco

    TURTLE LAYS EGGS, altinkum beach

    Joy as turtle lays eggs on Altinkum?s main beach ? Voices Newspaper
  2. v6cod

    Petition: NO to UK financing of Turtle Beach privatisation!

    Today a new petition has been started to reverse the privatisation of iztuzu Beach by directly addressing the UK shareholders and appealing to their sense of responsibility. After the 29/30 December raid on the beach, it is obvious that Nature & the Environment are not a prime issue for the...
  3. B

    Turtle nesting area.

    I was on the beach at Ituzu yesterday and noticed that the area between the rope line and the wooden pillars,(which is supposed to be out of bounds to anyone sitting or sunbathing on) was being used by lots of tourists,one family had even pushed an sun shade into the sand right next to marked...
  4. mamish

    Strange banging noises in our garden....

    Had to investigate.... Check out what I found.... Strange banging noises in the garden...... - YouTube :w00t:
  5. M

    Petition to stop turtle baiting

    Dalyan promotes Iztuzu Beach as "Turtle Beach", resulting in Turtle Tourism. Tourists unaware of the risks involved are eager to see these timid creatures and captains are only too willing to take them on a Turtle Watch Tour. This comes at a price! many turtles stop to migrate turtles take...
  6. O

    Turtle Beach

    I wondered if you could help me to help my friend Carol. Carol had a holiday recently at the Club Sun City at Olu Deniz with her daughter and 2 grandchildren and on Thursday, 17 June they went on a trip to Turtle Beach. They bought a momento of a disc with photos/video of them and when they...
  7. O

    Trip - Turtle Beach info needed

    I wondered if anyone can help me to help my friend Carol. Carol booked a trip for her daughter and 2 grandchildren and on Thursday, 17 June they had a lovely day out at Turtle Beach. They bought a disc of photos/video as a momento of the wonderful day they had. When they got back to the U.K...
  8. v6cod

    Rescued loggerhead turtle to be released

    There will be a release of a loggerhead turtle at Istuzu beach on the 3rd October at 5:30pm Read about it here. Fethiye Times.com | Rehabilitated Turtle to be Released - Saturday 3rd October The rehabilitation centre is situated on Iztuzu beach and can be reached by car or dolmus.
  9. ZiaCa'

    Turtle Rehabilitation Centre - Iztuzu

    There are currently two, what I am told are 'huge', turtles in the Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre on the beach. This centre is set back a couple of 100mtrs from the beach. I'm assuming that these are loggerheads, but I don't know for sure. Visiting times are 10am to 6pm. Documentaries on...
  10. R

    Turtle Statue Moved

    This afternoon we noticed that the roundabout near Isbank in Dalyan, the one the Belediye have been digging out over the past couple of days - was being filled with the Turtle Statue from just around the corner (the one that was next to Kosem restaurant) They are obviously trying to make it more...
  11. V

    Turtle beach

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get to Turtle beach from Kusadasi & by which means of transport. Thanks Viv n Ian
  12. bobthenob

    Myrtle turtle

    In the bloom of yoof, young Myrtle Turtle Took a shine to paint 'I'm gonna buy some,' she declared. 'I can hardly wait!' She ambled off towards the shops Her purse of pennies jingling Then amorous George gave her the eye Her toes they started tingling Very soon behind a dune Their...
  13. R

    Turtle Tracking

    For anyone that is interested in Sea Turtles, a Caretta Caretta Turtle was fitted with a transmitter so that its movements can be tracked by satellite wherever it goes. This all took place very early on July 19th on Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan. It is to enable us to learn more about the turtles daily...
  14. immac

    First Turtle of the year?

    I saw my first turtle of the year this morning in Fethiye harbour. Is this the egg laying season? Ian
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