1. bickern

    Turkeys Malls in Trouble

    Turkey’s glitzy shopping malls in dire straits amid currency woes. Hundreds of posh shopping malls that mushroomed across Turkey under the Justice and Development Party (AKP) are in deep trouble, hit by the meltdown of the Turkish lira and declining sales. The once bustling malls — the symbol...
  2. S

    Turkey's Turtles

    Was always impressed at the efforts by both volunteers and the logical councils in Turtkey re preservation of these wonderful creatures https://www.theguardian.com/world/gallery/2018/sep/05/turkey-sea-turtles-conservation-work-iztuzu-beach-in-pictures
  3. S

    Turkeys freedom of press on trial

  4. A89

    Turkeys sexual underworld

    I haven't watched it myself yet but thought some might be interested in this BBC documentary. Sex in Strange Places by Stacey Dooley is a shocking look at sex work in Turkey alison
  5. bal canavar

    Turkeys New Tourism & Culture Minister

    He has just started as Turkey’s new Culture & Tourism minister, but he has already declared war on foreign media and concert pianists who allow their audiences to drink wine and sit on cushions on the floor. He is supposed to be in this Interim government for only two months, but he has...
  6. shirleyanntr

    Turkeys Jihadi Highway

    i am staying in Antakya Hatay at the moment i flew in and at last they seem to have stepped up security at the airport... bit late but.. they also seem to have stopped the regular busloads of rabble going back and fore to Aleppo and less soldiers are now hogging the hospitals and leaving...
  7. bal canavar

    Turkeys next generation

    Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news Worth reading this link.
  8. shirleyanntr

    Turkeys child workers

    the sad fact that a 15 year old is among the dead in turkeys horrific mining disaster is causing raised eyebrows on FB and other news outlets there are 15 million child workers a significant number under the age of 14 .. when 14 year old Berkan was hit by a gas canister last summer and died 9...
  9. S

    Turkeys had its day

    As the political turmoil turns to violence and uncertainty turns to fear and worry has Turkey had its day for foreigners living there or considering doing so. Certainly the current events there which appear to worsen daily cannot be conducive to property sales there or appealing to those...
  10. shirleyanntr

    Turkeys Religious Affairs Directorate

    heres another great piece from Burak Bedil hitting at the bigotry abundant in Turkeys powerful Religious Affairs Directorate..the Diyanet ..which has one of the biggest budgets ever courtesy of this ruling party . No wonder the Alevi population can never come to terms with AKP and their...
  11. tykatem

    Turkeys EU bid

    EU seeks fresh start with Turkey on membership bid.... The EU's Commissioner for Enlargement, Stefan Fuele, is visiting Turkey in an attempt to give new impetus to Ankara's stalled bid to join the bloc. Turkey opened accession talks with the EU in 2005, but they have been stalled for two years...
  12. shirleyanntr

    Gagging Turkeys Press

    Ahmet Şık was arrested because of a book he wrote called 'The İmams Army' in which he maintains that the police and other departments have now been taken over by the Gülenists...his office was ransacked his book confiscated and he was arrested as he was led away he shouted 'anyone who touches...
  13. J

    Xmas turkeys

    Anyone know where we can buy a turkey, frozen or fresh in the didim area and prices, and anyone seen sprouts yet, time is running out
  14. shirleyanntr

    turkeys child brides

    theres a new tv drama series hayat devam ediyor..life goes on ...is spotlighting child brides... the main character is 15 and she is given to a 70 year old man.. Hayat devam Ediyor Dizisi Yeni Fragman - YouTube the series is already promising to be both popular and controversial ..there are...
  15. shirleyanntr

    turkeys living languages

    language courses are being offered in Mardin University in Kurdish Arabic Assyrian which is good progress especially in keeping ancient languages going. There is so much accent on learning English to the detriment of other languages the world is in danger of losing the cultures of some...
  16. shirleyanntr

    Turkeys nuclear power plans

    İn spite of the massive earthquake in Japan and the consequences of a nuclear disaster in its wake...which are not yet fully comprehended...Turkey is not curtailing its plans for building Nuclear Power plants. Three are already in the pipeline. Last week in İstanbul there was a demonstration...
  17. Yogi

    Turkeys Libya U-turn

    From the Daily news:- Turkey’s shift from opposing any NATO operation in Libya to offering the largest group of vessels to the alliance’s mission resulted from Ankara’s desire to not be left out of the international game, experts have said. Ankara made the proposal to contribute five warships...
  18. pineapple1

    Turkeys Drug Gangs !!

    Just reading this on Yahoo . I don't think its 70% ...what do others think ? Heroin 'Mr Bigs' targeted in Turkey - Yahoo! News UK
  19. teosgirl

    And Turkeys the backward state that threatens the EU?

    I often listen to people criticise Turkey. I believe that because I originate from the U.K they assume I'll be secretly loathing the country, waiting for a chance to drag it's image further down, and may even be able to relate some horrific tale of how backward and 3rd world country-like the...
  20. arrian

    Turkeys hidden treasures

    this is an old article, but i thought i'd show it for anyone who hasn't seen it before Turkey's hidden treasures - Telegraph i've added this one as it sounds fascinating! Safranbolu and traditional Turkish houses - All About Turkey
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