1. M

    Question What sort of quarantine required for entry to Turkey?

    In a couple of weeks I’m hoping to travel to Istanbul from the UK, changing planes in Zürich. I have a Turkish ikamet (1 year) and a home in Turkey. I’ll have a negative PCR test. Can anybody advise me whether I’ll be able to quarantine at home or whether I’ll have to quarantine in a hotel...
  2. Tenpin

    News Turkey eyes cooperation with UK in renewables

    https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/amp/turkey-eyes-cooperation-with-uk-in-renewables-162469 Turkey is aiming to cooperate with the United Kingdom in renewable energy and environmental technologies, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank has said. Firms established in technoparks, R&D...
  3. P

    Question Covid Quarantine in Turkey

    Has anyone experienced state quarantine in Turkey? Just been told there’s no cost for the hotel quarantine. Is this true ?
  4. R

    Question Internet installation in Turkey

    Hi. We're hoping it won't be too long before we are able to visit our new apartment in Sunrise Apartments. We would want to have to the Internet installed to stream TV etc. Do we need residency or are we able to get Internet with a Yabanci Kimlik No?. Any suggestions as to the best provider? Thanks
  5. A

    Divorce in Turkey

    If two English residents living in Turkey have separated and one wants a divorce does anyone know the proceedings? There is no house involved. Would bank holdings be split equally? I am genuinely asking for a friend. Neither of them are members of this forum.
  6. A

    Buying a car in Turkey

    İ wanna buy a car in Turkey and i am wondering what should i take care of while buying?
  7. D

    Covid-19 vaccine for Turkey

    Has anyone seen any information regarding a Covid-19 vaccine for Turkish residents? David
  8. V

    Where to holiday abroad when you live in Turkey

    I was wondering where people went on holiday to once they have moved to Turkey fulltime. I know lots of people will go back to their home country to visit family etc, but where else do people go & when? I am thinking that in the wintertime I may need a sun holiday somewhere warmer & in August I...
  9. A

    Bank Holiday in Turkey 29th October 2020

    :33:republic day in turkey: Thursday october 29th republic day in turkey celebrates the foundation of the turkish republic in 1923. This is a public holiday, meaning all government offices,[goc, nufus etc] banks, schools, and administration buildings are closed for the one day. :33:
  10. P

    Exporting furniture from Turkey to the UK

    Hello everyone, Can anyone advice if it's possible to buy furniture (bedroom sets, sofas etc for person use) in Turkey and have it delivered to an address the UK? How practical is this? Any recommendations re:shipping companies that deal with everything until delivery to an address in the UK...
  11. immac

    Pneumonia Vaccine Turkey

    I am wondering about getting the Pneumonia Vaccine done here in Turkey. Is it available under SSK, or cost? Where can you get it administered? Has anyone had it done here? Ian
  12. hayabusa

    Importing to Turkey.

    I am looking to import to Turkey aUsed 55” TV, excercise bike and personal clothes and files with paperwork. I a, giving all mt furniture to charity as I will not be able to sell it in time. What are the rules for importing items to Turkey ?.......where can I fins the tax costs for...
  13. ScoobyZ

    Tread the Globe - Turkey?

    Anyone else watching tread the globe? Mainly based in Turkey at the moment: https://www.youtube.com/treadtheglobe Seems pretty good.
  14. S

    Best Monthly Sim Card Turkey

    Due to go out to Turkey soon and pondering re what to do as regards a sim card. I usually use my Vodafone UK data and minutes whilst in Turkey but I am out of contract here in the UK. So was just wonndering whether I should take out a Vodafone UK contract before I leave ( as I can then use the...
  15. Jaycey

    Turkey is about to be invaded!

    Standing in the garden with dusk approaching the sky is further darkened by a massive flock of seagulls – literally thousands of them – all flying south towards the Black Sea in no particular formation. Seems they know that winter is approaching and they are all heading for Turkey.
  16. Kingfisher

    Netflix UK or Turkey?

    As I steam forward into the 21st century, my TV now connected to my Windows 10 laptop via an HDMI cable, I was also thinking about signing up to Netflix. Netflix Turkey seems to be 17.99 TL per month but if I switch on my VPN I get to Netflix UK which is 5.99 GBP per month so more expensive...
  17. Firefox

    Turkey by Car

    I am thinking of travelling by car to Turkey. My Route will take me through Albania, Bosnia and MonteNegro as I taking the Greek Route. UK car Insurance doe NOT cover these countries. Can you buy local Car insurance at theses borders??? Are any of them dangerous to drive through. Whats been...
  18. A

    Entering Turkey without physical work permit

    I have recently been issued a work permit to begin work in Turkey soon. The process was done completely by the employer so the permit is in Turkey and I am in the US at the moment. I researched, to no avail, how to enter the country without having the physical permit card (I have a copy and...
  19. D

    EU not happy with Turkey.

    EU crisis: Showdown with Turkey sparks military fears as Erdogan mocks Macron's threats. AN UNPRECEDENTED EU crisis looms as tensions between the Brussels bloc and Turkey escalate along its border, as Greece warns it will do "whatever is necessary" to defend itself from Ankara. Greece: Army...
  20. E

    Netflix closing in Turkey

    Has anyone seen the news about Netflix, its not official but there is a newspaper article saying that it could be closed from the 1of August. On cumhuriyet news. I just thought I would mention it not sure how many of you watch it.
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