1. Tenpin

    Info Mobile Phones - List of Useful (USSD) Codes

    Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official websites may be subject to change at any time...
  2. S

    Turkcell Sim

    A quicky. Does a Turkcell sim bought without an RP expire completely after 90 days or do you have a further 90 of receiving calls only?
  3. J

    Turkcell superbox

    Does anyone have any experience of turkcell superbox and can foreigners get this. We have Ttnet which is problematic atm , so was looking for something else as well . Use turkcell for Phone which is ok . I want to be able to stream tv etc is this good enough to use on smart tv So need...
  4. S

    Turkcell Data

    Hi Folks What’s the number you ring or text to find out how much data- not cash credit or calls- you have left on your Turkcell sim Cheers
  5. Tenpin

    Huawei and Turkcell completes the world’s leading 800G trial

    https://www.huaweicentral.com/huawei-and-turkcell-completes-the-worlds-leading-800g-trial/amp/ On March 2, Turkcell announced that it has completed the World’s leading 800G WDM trial with Huawei in Turkey Istanbul on a live Mobile Carrier network. This test improves Turkcell’s competitive edge...
  6. D

    Topping up a Turkcell VINN

    Up to now I have always topped up my Turkcell Vinn online via Garanti bank. Quick and easy with a good range of prices and durations - e.g. 2 weeks for holidays, 3 months in the winter as a back-up for frequent loss of service from Turk Telekom. Today, Garanti were only offering 1 week for 20...
  7. L

    KKTC Turkcell (LifeCell) Internet Experience

    Hi all I would like to share my recent experience of the Turkcell internet service, they call it Lifecell - BUYER BEWARE. I have my mobile phone with them and just prior to Christmas I received a number of texts offering their Internet service at a good price. So I spoke to a salesperson and...
  8. D

    Does a Turkcell SIM card get deactivated?

    I've been using a work phone for the last few years, but have to give it back as I've been made redundant. I've got a SIM card which is registered but I haven't used it for a long time. I've put it in a phone and the phone says "emergency calls only". Does anyone know if there's a way of...
  9. gally

    Turkcell top-up

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help? I am PAYG with Turkcell and have always topped up by my HSBC online banking. My problem is since the change to HSBC internet banking a couple of weeks ago, there is no longer an option to select the "Standart Paket". This was just a straight top up with no...
  10. S

    Topping up Vinn via Turkcell

    Has anybody topped-up a Vinn via the Turkcell website, using a Garanti debit card, and were you successful. I have tried via Garanti and the website keeps saying the number is wrong. Anybody have any ideas on how to complete this.
  11. gally

    UK phone with Turkcell sim

    Help - UK phone with Turkcell sim? Hello, any help appreciated. I've just read an article saying that since October 2015 you can now use a UK mobile with a turkish sim card for up to 120 days without having to register it? Can anybody confirm if this is true please? I've been under the...
  12. S

    Swopping data sim in Turkcell Vinn

    Hiya, does anyone know if a different data sim can be used in the Turkcell vinn? For example can I put a UK data sim into it and use it like I would in Turkey? Thought I'd ask first in case anyone has tried it rather than buy one here in the UK only to find out it doesn't work :) Thanks Sara
  13. captain

    Turkcell top up

    Has anybody used Fonmoney or Recharge or any of the other sites offering to top up your Turkcell phone? and did they work? For the first time in many years I won't be back in Turkey this year before my Turkcell sim will expire so I'm looking at other ways to top up.
  14. P

    Turkcell multi user wi-fi unit

    Hi Y'all I am heading into Turkcell in Marmaris when i am next over to buy a stand alone wi-fi unit. I understand that the data bought has a life limit and was wondering if anyone has an online link to allow me to buy more data or top up when not in Turkey to keep sim card live? Thanks in...
  15. gally

    Help please - Turkcell WiFi VINN

    I have a single USB VINN which is fine for our internet in Turkey and last year I could stream catch-up TV straight onto my laptop without any major problems. I'd like to now buy a WiFi VINN so we can use multiple devices but my question is - Does anyone with one of these WiFi VINN's have any...
  16. christella

    turkcell internet

    vinn wi fi i have hopefully just topped up credit with 79 tl here in england with my bank i last used it oct 2015 anybody know how long if you dont use it the wi fi is cut off we get to turkey early may i believe a top up lasts 3 months
  17. N

    Turkcell 3G data only sim Questions.

    I hav just purchased a turkcell data only 3 g sim with 10 gb of data . It seems to be a prepaid card for which I paid in lira . I have been reading up on how to keep the sim active with the possibility of online top up when I'm back in the uk. What I have read confuses me slightly and suggests...
  18. B

    Turkcell: Vinn WiFi for sale.

    I have a Vinn WiFi (Wireless LAN from Turkcell - works very well and is easy to top up. I no longer have a property in Turkey so it is for sale. Anybody interested? Regards
  19. L

    Turkcell top up

    Can I top up my turkcell PAY as You go phone and Myfi from the UK?
  20. S

    Using a Turkcell vinn in the UK

    Does anyone know if a Turkcell vinn can be used in the UK with an English sim card or what the roaming charges are for data usage, using a Turkish sim in the UK.
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