1. Miss Money Penny

    Turkbuku - Yalikavak

    Am I right in thinking there is a dolmus running between Turkbuku and Yalikavak? I have friends going to Turkbuku and would love them to visit us in Yalikavak.
  2. angiebelle

    2 bedroom duplex for sale near Turkbuku

    Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we are having to sell. The property is an unfurnished Duplex at Sankop near Turkbuku. Two double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms each having a toilet, sink and shower, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. Open plan lounge/kitchen leading to a...

    S.S. Sankop Sanitcilar Sitesi, Turkbuku

    Hi there We're new to the site, so apologies if we're treading well worn ground here. In Oct. 2004 we bought our house (aka joined the cooperative) on the above site, which is situated right on the border between Turkbuku/Gundogan, opposite the Hekimkoye complex. Our agent was L&M Emlak...
  4. S


    Hi all have had great pleasure and laughs reading the forums and very informative. Have just bought my little bit of paradise in Turkbuku and very excited looking forward to lots of happy holidays great views great food and you lot on the forum on my wave length!!! especially as currently in...
  5. J


    Does anyone know anything about this area? Does it have anything going for it?
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