1. G

    Turk Telekom credit top-up during Coronavirus lock down

    I have a question: Is it possible to go into a shop in Turkey to top-up the credit on a Turk Telekom pay-as-you-go mobile phone, or are all phone shops in Alanya closed, as they are in UK? I am currently in UK and am unable to access my GarantiBank account as my mobile is not accepting...
  2. E

    Married to a Turk for 40+ years

    Someone who was married to a Turk has recently lost her husband and while trying to help her we've discovered that she doesn't have a residence permit although she's been in the country for 3 years. Looking back 40 years ago, is there any chance that when she married she automatically got...
  3. D

    Turk Telekom bankrupt?

    We have been waiting 5 weeks to get our telephone line repaired and have just seen a post on facebook that Turk Telekom is bankrupt. Does anyone have any news on this? David
  4. mollag

    New Turk Air route.

    Gatwick-Bodrum, may be just the job for us, we are seriously pissed off with Easyjet. Turkish Airlines launches long-anticipated Bodrum-London flights
  5. IbrahimAbi

    Honest Turk

    We have seen many posts which lambast Turkish people, usually referring to house and land deals. this article was a pleasure to read:- Money amounting to $74,404, a smartphone, and a wristwatch was reportedly left by a passenger onboard an inbound plane from Kuwait City at Istanbul Atatürk...
  6. yalimart

    The Incredible Turk

    I must apologise for posting a thread that actually has something to do with Turkey. The Incredible Turk (1958) - YouTube Interesting short film that doesnt mention Brexit, Ukraine but does mention Russia. Martin
  7. teosgirl

    Profile of a Turk

    Turkish people?s profile revealed in new survey - LOCAL 94% of Turks have never travelled abroad for a holiday and 69% of husbands think wives need their permission to work. These are the most shocking to me. Sometimes I think the west coast and Izmir should be annexed to Europe. Charlotte
  8. S

    If you are religious, is it a bad idea to marry a secular Turk?

    I'm religious, for instance, I don't eat non zabiha meat even though I live in a western country, I don't listen to music, I pray 5 times a day, I use to grow a beard until my secular mother forced me to shave (I'm 17, so...her rules), I fast during Ramadan.....etc. would it be too much of a...
  9. S

    How muc of the Turk population is Kemalist, and are they dying out?

    I've noticed that CHP and similar political parties in Turkiye don't get as many votes, and ak parti has dominated Turkish politics since 2002......to what extent is the Turkish population secular and/or kemalist, and are they dying out? if so do you predict that they will rise again?
  10. G

    Turk Telecom

    I have been reading posts on here regarding the residents permits and have seen the goalposts change immeasurably since we've been here. When we first moved here, we managed to obtain a 3 year permit and during that time, the format changed where they had to be renewed every year! The...
  11. suzyq

    Türk Telekom merges all products, services under single brand

    Türk Telekom has merged all of its products and services offered by Avea, TTNET and Türk Telekom under the single Türk Telekom brand, in line with global trends and the needs of its customers. With this step, Türk Telekom has consolidated its position as an integrated communication, technology...
  12. G

    Are there any phone number for English-speaking customers for kuveyt turk bank ?

    Hi, I'm trying to call Kuveyt Turk bank , but they all only speak Turkish , Are there any phone numbers for english speaking customers ?
  13. J

    Residence and work permit for UK husband of Turk

    Hi All My wife and I (and daughter ) are about move to Turkey. She is Turkish (and british) as is our 6 yr old daughter. I m only British. Weve been in the Uk for the last 12 years. I lived in Istanbul for 3 years before that and had an Ikamet then via my job teaching english. I cant seem...
  14. gally

    Help contacting Turk Telekom/TTNET

    Hi I need to cancel my telephone & internet in Manavgat. I can't get out to Turkey this year at all as I am having a prostatectomy soon and with one thing and another it seems we just can't make it this year. My problem is I am paying 100TL per month for the privilege of having internet and...
  15. L

    marriage uk and turk

    when doing a affidavit of marriage do both partners have to attend please:28:
  16. T


    Türk ---> [person] Turk Türkçe ---> Turkish language Türklük ---> Turkishness Türk çayı ---> Turkish tea Türkiyeli --> A person who is from Turkey Türkçülük ---> Turkishism Türkleşmek ---> To become Turk Türkleşiyorsun ---> I am becoming [like]a Turk. Türkleştirmek ----> To make...
  17. martirkz

    Turk Telecom an absolute Joke

    We have been waiting now for 48 days for an engineer to resolve the problem we have with our telephone line, yes 48 days without a phone or internet. We call every 2-3 days and repeat the same thing each time to them that despite what they say ( the technical dept will resolve the problem within...
  18. mamish

    Why I moved from Turkey - by a Turk

    Sad but true.... ?Why I moved from Turkey? - BLIND SPOT If there is an exodus of educated, caring Turks, what are we left with? (A name beginning with E??) :35:
  19. bickern

    Türk Telekom surveillance plans unacceptable

    Looks like new equipment has been bought and installed ready for whatever they want to snoop on. Lets face it Türk Telekom won't be the actual snoopers. ------------------------------------------ Ten civil society organizations made a statement on Wednesday drawing attention to alleged...
  20. gally

    Turk Telekom Campaign

    Last year I took Turk Telekom's "Free Tablet + 1000 free minutes" campaign and there were others on TLF that also took the same campaign. I was told that the 1000 free minutes covered Turkish landlines & mobiles and also UK landlines & mobiles. I was wondering if anyone knows if the UK minutes...
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