1. bickern

    Turgut Ozal

    Turkey is marking the 27th anniversary of its prominent leader Turgut Ozal. Ozal’s background Ozal was born in Turkey’s eastern province of Malatya in 1927 with half Kurdish ancestry, which he was not shy to share with the public unlike the previous top politicians, not seeing a taboo...
  2. K

    From Kos to Turgut Reis

    Hi Guys, i live here in Turgut Reis in the Summer. Saturday will come our Guest, he will be landing in Kos, so i would to know, if someone knows how he can come to Turgut Reis. Yeah there is Ferryboat, but the boat transfer only so at 9-10 Clock and 16-17.30 but he will be landing so like at 10
  3. ceemac

    Admiral Turgut Reis

    A biography of Ottoman Admiral Turgut Reis; Dragut Also called: Turgut Reis (1514-1565) Barbary pirate and Ottoman admiral, operating largely along the Barbary coast. Dragut was a protege of Barbarossa (Khayr ed-Din). He was known as a cruel and brutal opponent, and feared among many...
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