1. John O' Dreams

    Turgetries Syndrome

    Programme coming on BBC3 at 9.00pm tonight about Turgetries. Review says: 3/3. Reggie Yates puts on a live musical event featuring six young people whose talent has been overshadowed by their Tourette Syndrome. Contains very strong language. [S] Sky Guide TV Listings - Sky
  2. K

    dolmus from Gundogan to Turgetries

    does anyone know the times of the dolmus that runs between Gundogan via Yalikavak and Gumusluk to Turgetries. I dont see to be able to find out any reliable information from official sites. Thanks
  3. L

    meet up in Turgetries

    Anyone fancy meeting up in Turgetries in May? I am available between 11th May and 7th June. Several of us met up last May and it would be good to meet up again and maybe meet some of the new members.
  4. L

    coach to Turgetries

    Has anyone done the coach trip from Izmir to Bodrum/Turgetries? We are looking at using this on either evening of the 2nd January or morning of the 3rd but can't seem to find any information on the internet in english. We need to know the times as if it is in the morning we will have to fix up a...
  5. barry budd

    taxi to & from turgetries

    I have been informed that the taxi fares to & from turgetries from Gumesluk have become very exspensive, someone was charged £25 . oo is this the case now
  6. M

    Tapu info on property in Turgetries

    Can anyone help - I am trying to get the reference number to obtain my tapu from the agent who sold me the property some 18 months ago with no luck. Is there any other channel I can go down to obtain the tapu without the reference number. Any information would be appreciated. :hmm:
  7. S

    Hi we are new, off plan Turgetries

    Hi everyone, Great website, we have just bought off plan in Turgutreis so we will be using this site for all the info we need. You all sound very knowledgeable so be prepared to be annoyed by constant questioning! Our property probably wont be ready until Dec07 so we must learn to contain our...
  8. J


    Does anyone out there know anything about this place. I am led to believe it is just outside Turgetries.
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