1. C

    Haberdashery ,wool , threads in Bodrum yalikavak turgetreis ?

    Hi Anyone know of any good haberdashery shops in any of these places , Bodrum , Turgetreis ,Yalikavak, or any recommendations for areas close to these . Looking specifically for crochet and embroidery threads and trimmings like ribbons and wool ect . The shop i visited previously has now...
  2. Y

    Looking for studio/apartment rental in Bodrum or Turgetreis

    Hello, I am looking for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment to rent for myself for 1 month, with utilities included (wifi connection is a big plus), from 25 June to 25 July, in Bodrum center or Turgetreis. My budget is between 1000-1200TL. If anyone out there has something available, send me a...
  3. J

    Photographs Needed

    I am writing a blog/website about the bodrum peninsula and I would love to feature photographs taken by either residents of the area or tourists. If you have any photos you are proud of and would like them to be shown please send them to [e-mail address removed] (if you could please include a...
  4. S

    Looking 4 Long Term Rental Turgetreis Area

    Hi, My partner and i will be arriving in Turgetreis From The UK early December and are looking for a Long Term Furnished Rental Of 12 Months In Turgetreis, Other Surrounding Areas would be considered, depending on Monthly Price and Condition Etc... If anyone knows of any properties for Long Term...
  5. luckycat68

    Turgetreis today

    Just a few pics of Turgetreis today , a lovely sunny day but not as many people around as we would expect for a Bayram holiday -- maybe they had all gone to Yalikavak LOL ! :48:
  6. L

    Weather at night in Turgetreis early May

    Hello, My wife and I are having an early holiday in Turgetries the first week in May. We have never been so early in the year and we were wondering if the evenings are cold and what clothes we should pack for the nights. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Len and Julie
  7. G

    Wanted long term rental apartment in Turgetreis

    Hi, I am looking for a long term rental here in Turgetreis, something not too far from the marina as that's where I am working. Have read the winter market for rentals is slow here so there aren't that many adverts that I have seen. If anyone knows of a private renter or good agent I'd...
  8. B

    Restaurant prices Turgetreis

    Hi, we've booked the Hawthorn Karaca for September, we got a really cheap AI deal but only intend to use it for drinks/snacks during the day and will most likely eat out in the resort at night. What sort of prices do the restaurants charge? I have read that the ones near the marina are more...
  9. A

    Best Restaurants around Turgetreis

    Hi, Would really like some recommendations for good restaurants in Turgetreis. we're all booked and raring to go....got 13 months to wait mind lol:rockon:
  10. L

    New Year in Turgetreis...

    Hi all, Hope you're well. I know I'm looking ahead a little but I'm moving to Turgetreis on the 30th December (flying into Bodrum) and I was wondering if anyone knows of anything planned for the New Year in the town? Is it particularly celebrated? I know there are only a few bars and...
  11. D

    Yoga Turgetreis?

    Hi everyone - we are coming over to Kadikalesi tomorrow so this may be too late. I would really like to find a yoga class in the area- anyone know of any? Thanks and turn the sun up for us! Dolly
  12. L

    New member - weather in Turgetreis in October?

    Hi all, I've just joined this forum. It's great to find a forum on Turgetreis! I spent a month in Turgetreis in June this year and loved it. I'm planning to visit again in October (from early to mid October). Do you know what the weather will be like and how busy the town will be? Are the...

    dolmus from Yasi to Turgetreis?

    I have some friends staying at the Lighthouse hotel Yasi, can they get a bus from there to Turgetreis? or do they have to go to Bodrum. OAP'S and bad on there legs
  14. J

    Animal rescue Turgetreis

    I am looking for the contact of an animal rescue centre in Turgetreis.
  15. the sausage king

    Free Sausage Tasting in Turgetreis

    Hello everyone Firstly many thanks to Gail for organising this event, so many of you have been so kind in helping me, i cant name everyone as i would be here all night. There will be a free sausage tasting on Monday the 28th May at the Target bar in Turgetreis at 2pm please bring your cooler...
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