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    Wind Turbines on the Bodrum Peninsula

    I went to the protest meeting against the proposed wind farm near Yalikavak. What are your thoughts? There weren't many foreign residents there despite all the publicity. BacktoBodrum: Tilting at Windmills - Troubling Turbines
  2. B

    More Wind Turbines For Akbuk.

    In my opinion, the current wind turbines in Akbuk are already a blot on the landscape; and now there are plans for 10 more. The powers that be will not be happy until they have spoiled the place with endless building.... Source - Voices Newspaper. Plans for new wind farm in Akbuk PLANS are...
  3. gren

    Domestic Wind turbines

    Turkish engineers take off with the wind - Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review
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    solar panels, wind turbines for boats

    I was looking for solar panels to place on my sailboat in Bodrum Marina. I did an initial search on the internet and came across a company called Derin Marin, which specialises in solar panels and wind turbines. The owner is a sympathetic guy called Tolga. The shop is on the same street as...
  5. immac

    Micro Turbines

    From ZAMAN: Micro turbines to generate electricity for households It is now possible to generate electricity using small rivers and even shallow brooks thanks to the brand new micro turbines developed and produced by Turkish Electromechanics Industry (TEMSAN). TEMSAN, committed to...
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