1. T

    tur telecom Internet packages

    Good morning all Our Internet contract is up for renewal and we have been looking at all the different packages turk telecom have on offer. We haven't got a clue which package will be adequate for what we want which is mainly to be able to watch TV for at least 6 hrs day/night (probably more...
  2. H

    Quranic references needed that provide solutions to family problems and emotional tur

    This blog tends to outline 4 important aspects of our life that we can manipulate to make our lives full of happiness. It opens up "Most of us suffer from heaps of emotional, social and personal problems. Some experience relationship difficulties and some face educational hardships. Some have...
  3. abba

    Otan Tur - Bitez

    Tried a search for the above and came up empty. I am contemplating arranging a tour with this company and would appreciate any feedback on them. Thank you.
  4. alison09400

    Thursday Nights At The Tur Hotel

    Can any of you Kusadasi expats tell me what to expect tonight at the Tur? I'm going tonight with 2 friends; it's our first time and we're feeling a bit apprehensive. It's our first venture into an `expat-only area`. :fear: We know it's the Anglo/Turkish Assoc and the proceeds are given to...
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