1. W


    Hi. Can anyone update me on how the tunnel is progressing - for no other reason than interested.
  2. T

    Euro Tunnel Closed!

    Closed until further notice. "Holidaymakers are facing hours of travel misery after all Eurostar trains were cancelled due to a lorry fire in the Channel Tunnel." Eurostar trains cancelled amid fire - BT Sorry, I should have put this info in a travel or motoring/cars forum. can a mod move it...
  3. A

    Proposed Tunnel

    I have just come back from Yalikavak, i have heard several people mention that there is a proposal to dig a new road tunnel from Ortakent to Yalikavak and indeed it has been signed off on by the authorities. Has anyone else heard of this or can shed any more light on it.
  4. ted j

    Cubital tunnel syndrome

    Been to the docs with this , it is a numb, tingling feeling along the outside edge of your ring fingers and all of your pinky fingers Apparently, it's caused by being sat in one position for too long(at the laptop) with my elbows on the table and is trapping the ulna nerve which supplies...
  5. giglets

    New Bosphorus Tunnel

    Turkey ready to take first ride on landmark undersea train line - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news
  6. chelsea boy

    Is there light at the end of the tunnel

    On a day when 2 'people" get sent to jail for killing their daughter, is this a ray of hope for women of Islam... Olympics 2012: The Muslim women who overcame the odds to make it to London | Mail Online Brave girls and well done to their olympic committees for getting them to compete!
  7. R

    Gocek Tunnel

    Hi There Everyone, Last time we were out there the tunnel was almost completed. Is the tunnel open now? Has anyone used it? How much are they charging to take a car through? Just curious. Cheers Ann
  8. S

    Gocek Tunnel

    Well after the long long wait for its completion can anyone tell me how much time the new tunnel actually saves on a journey to Fethiye
  9. lorraine

    Dalaman Gocek Tunnel

    The opening of the Tunnel looks to be delayed by a further 10months, so of that is the case we are now looking at February 2007. I have taken this article from "The land of lights" The Göcek Tunnel, constructed on the basis of build-operate-turn over, may not be completed on time. The...
  10. merlin

    Gocek Tunnel Latest....

    Work on the much awaited Gocek tunnel has now restarted and the first arches of the tunnel entrance have been completed to the Gocek side. On the Dalaman side the access roads have been laid. The contractors estimate that the 960 meter tunnel will be completed by 1 April 2006. Once completed the...
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