1. bickern

    Explore Tunes

    This is one site I can not be without, just type an artist and away it goes. ExploreTunes - Free Artist On Demand Music and Radio Highly recommended and a freebie.
  2. U

    I Tunes Windows 10

    I downloaded I tunes into Windows 10 and most of my Desktop icons would not work, so took it out and they all work again. Any comments?
  3. mollag

    i tunes

    Hope someone can help, most likely me in a thick position. My I tunes wont recognise my ipad, the pc knows its there, dropbox syncs finw but itunes wont have it. Have replaced lead Have reset my ipad Have reinstalled itunes Any thoughts guys?
  4. icebern09

    Who needs I Tunes...

    I have just spent a very pleasant 1 and 1/2 hours going through our "Songs by special request" and have thoroughly enjoyed myself, and Im only half way through. Diane got to say it again "what a brilliant idea" :hail::hail:
  5. P

    tunes with good memories

    I've just heard Louis Armstrong on the radio singing Wonderful World. Instantly I could picture my Pa, sunday lunchtime in his local pub, singing this song loud enough for the glasses to rattle! I'm not sure if it was his partly welsh blood or the copious amounts of whiskey he drank that bought...
  6. wiuru

    3 Top favourite dance tunes

    1) Iv'e had the time of my life 2) Simply the best 3) Dancing Queen and my personal favourite that my sister taught her grandaughter "Don't you wish your girlfriend was FAT like me", lol Anne..xx
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