I need tune's

    I really need to update the my music selection as a man cannot travel the high ways and byways listening to Daniel O Donnell and Big Tom. Can any of you fine folk recommend a good (and easy to use) site for down loading cool tunes.... Thanking you well in advance. :rockon:
  2. F

    Good morning! How about a tune to start the day

    How about a tune to start the day?
  3. Firebrand

    Big Spending Arabs/Istanbul restaurants change tune

    I know this was touched on recently in another thread, about the increase in visitors from Arab countries. Istanbul restaurants change tune ? and language ? to woo big-spending Arabs | World news | The Guardian In the Turkish restaurants around Taksim Square in Istanbul, the menus are getting...
  4. KKOB

    Best Christmas Tune - Poll

    We've not had a poll for somewhile, so here's a Festive Season one.
  5. W

    help needed to download tune from u tube

    Can any computer buff please tell me in simple terms how do I download a tune from u tube. I have tried for 2 hours without any sucess thanks Ann
  6. N

    best satellites to tune to

    Finally got back to our lovely villa in Turkey for a three week break. The local farmer had put his horse in our garden which was overgrown and it knocked my satellite dish about. I will now have to have it realigned. What are the best satellites to aim for now for english channels. I have heard...
  7. N

    pc tune up

    hi all, someone put a cracking link up around two months ago about a pc program that tuned up your pc. i used it on my old computer and it was amazing but i cant find the old link on here to install it on this new one . can anyone help regards neil :dooh:
  8. KKOB

    Name That Tune

    Ken Lee ? :hmm: http://www.mostfunnyclips.com/funny/48/Ken-Lee-By-Mariah-Carey-vid48.html
  9. S

    Name the tune please

    While in Altinkum early august we were treated to some live turkish folk music. A local guy interpreted one of the rifts to us which involved eagles fighting for the love of a female eagle. The tune was very fast and exciting but i cant remeber what it is called i would like to try and get a...
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