1. M

    Ramazan starts Tuesday 9th July

    Don't forget Ramazan starts on Tuesday 8th July and there's a three day public holiday at the end of it ( Sugar Bayram). Banks and some businesses will be closed 8th-10th August. Get some goodies ready for the kids. Don't worry all you plonkies bars are still open:)
  2. thingthong

    Tuesday sailings to Kos?

    Can anyone tell me if any of the ferry companys sail on any Tuesday in April to Kos? Thanks T.:angel:
  3. Tess

    Easter Monday and Tuesday

    I am off work for two days. Roberts Mum lives with us now and has gone off to spend the day at a nieces home, she is doing the same tomorrow. It is giving me a wee break and this morning I have changed all the beds and currently am wading my way through washing all the bedwear. Sadly when making...
  4. E

    Tuesday and Saturday Markets in Mahmutlar

    Hi all For the past two weeks, there have been no clothing or footwear stalls at the Mahmutlar markets. Is this the same in other towns? Does anyone know the reason for this, or if they are expected to return? Would hate to dissappoint my nieces and nephew who are expecting to spend their...
  5. D

    Arriving on Tuesday 24th April

    Would anyone like to meet up? We would like to meet new people and may be exchange ideas, info on places to go sight seeing, we will be there until 5th May, be nice to meet up with some other people who enjoy Dalaman like we do.will be back again in July and also August and like the idea of a...
  6. Fastlady

    Urgent: Tuesday 9.30pm

    Is anyone online who lives in the Antalya region? My mum is in hospital there and need to find some info. can anyone help? thanks
  7. B

    Coming on Tuesday considering Future friendships

    Hi, to you all, I find this a fascinating informative forum site, very interesting when you live in England. I used to have a place here in Turgutreis until splitting up 2 years ago, but I do love and miss the place so much, that I want to come back regularly whether I rent or buy I dont know ...
  8. D

    Animal Fund-raising on Tuesday

    Hi All, just back in the UK and wanted to say a big 'thank you' to all those dedicated people who staged the animal protection money raising event in Turguteries last week. It made my holiday to see the coming together of different nationals for this brilliant and challenging cause... Every...
  9. TB2010

    Side visit Tuesday 03 May

    There are plans to visit Side on Tuesday 03 May and the thread can be found on the Side forum http://www.turkishliving.com/forums/side-forum/48118-side-meet-up-how-monday-9-may.html Thanks, Tony
  10. teresa

    Tuesday' Tornado

    There is a little bit of film here of the aftermath and the Mosque that lost it's top. It is behind the advert that appears. HABER: Fethiye'yi Yaðmur Ve Hortum Vurdu haberi I found it to be quite a scary experience and my Turkish dog was very frightened although my English dogs were not...
  11. L

    Coming to Altinkum Tuesday 29th june

    Hi folks i was wondering if anyone is out in tinky on the 29th and is free too meet in the Wiganer around 9pm? would be good to meet up with some of you X
  12. D

    Tuesday Market 19th May 2007

    If you are visiting the market on Tuesday 19th May it would be best to brush up on the Turkish National Anthem. Behcet Saatci (Fethiye Mayor) is planning for a record 100,000 people to sing the National Anthem to the accompaniment of a piano at the market prior to the Concert in the evening...
  13. P

    Cheap flights book by Tuesday midnight

    Just received this by email. http://www.thomsonfly.com/en/index.html Some cheap flights to Bodrum, Dalaman and Antalya but need tobe booked by midnight Tuesday.
  14. Andy

    Tuesday's True Story ?

    There is no God ************* A college student was in a philosophy class which had a discussion about God's existence. The professor presented the following logic: "Has anyone in this class heard God?" Nobody spoke. "Has anyone in this class touched God?" Again, nobody spoke. "Has anyone in...
  15. Andy

    Tuesday's True Story

    Grandma Gotta Gun **************** An elderly lady did her shopping and, upon returning to her car, found four males in the act of leaving with her car. She dropped her shopping bags and drew her handgun, proceeding to scream at them at the top of her voice, "I have a gun and I know how to use...
  16. Andy

    Turkey 4pm Tuesday

    For those that missed yesterdays viewing of A PLACE IN THE SUN it will be repeated today Tuesday 14/03 at 4pm on sky discovery channel 283. It covers the Aegean coast of Altinkum & Kusadasi and lasts 1hr. With £35,000 a couple search for their place in the sun. Andy
  17. lolly

    Tuesday Market Area in Kusadasi

    Hi, Can anyone tell me exactly where this is in Kus. For example a landmark, as i cannot remember where it is. I have booked some friends in a Hotel in a few weeks, and may need to book another person, and i need to know within a little. I know Bar Street, the Dolmus Station and most of the...
  18. merlin

    Six patches for MS - One Critical... Next Tuesday....

    Advance Warning.... Microsoft plans to release six patches next Tuesday, 9 August. All of the patches involve Microsoft Windows and at least one is critical. Merv!
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