1. D

    hot tubs

    can anyone tell us if you can buy hot tubs in the didim area thanx :25:
  2. GnD

    Garden Plants, Tubs Shrubs etc in or near Dalaman

    Hi Everyone, (especially the person who knows the answer:gossip: :thumbup: :3: :24: :rockon: :wow: :5: ) I know this is on another thread but would love to know if these items can be purchased locally in or near Dalaman[/
  3. denise bannell

    Hot Tubs

    :307bt: Well Hi everyone I have finally been given details on getting a garden spa or hot tub the units are made by HOTSPRINGS and the company email is in ISTAMBUL email ayhavuz@doruk.net.tr or www.ayhavuz.com.tr
  4. denise bannell

    hot tubs

    On purchasing my off plan property I declined swimming pool Can't swim! But I would like a hot tub instead. Who Where And How Much ? :20: DEN
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