1. Jaycey

    You Tube

    Hi again geeky ones. 1.Just tried to download a couple of videos from YTD (You Tube Downloader) but seems you now have to upgrade to the pro version which is on monthly subscription – bu99er that, I abhor subscription services. 2.My Photoshop is still kaput and I need to scan some docs. Any...
  2. bickern

    Threatened to knife a baby on a packed Tube train

    A woman threatened to knife a baby on a packed Tube train after the 15-month-old kicked her from her pram, a court has heard. Millicent Barnes, 22, is accused of screaming abuse at Geraldine Brannigan and demanding her daughter “apologise” – despite the fact the child was only just learning to...
  3. N

    broken solar panel tube.

    Ive just returned to my villa for the first time this year to find that one of the solar panel tubes has smashed allowing the water to flood out of it. There is no obvious reason as to why. Is this a common occurance. The system is just two years old.
  4. martin m

    U tube link to 5 min video Altinkum works

    Hi I know there's a thread about the beachfront at Altinkum, and if this is not news I appologize, but I have just seen this video from u tube, and think it's of interest to anyone connected to Altinkum, it's a 5+ mins video done drive by style of the entire seafront, warts and all of the...
  5. suzyq

    You Tube unblocked after 67 days

    I still can't get it. Turkey unblocks access to YouTube after 67 days - RIGHTS
  6. gally

    You Tube with VPN?

    Hi Is anyone else having problems getting onto youtube when using a VPN. I thought it would work ok when a vpn is used?? I'm using UKTV Access, worked ok a couple of weeks ago. I know about the government issues and closing youtube down but as I understood a vpn would mask my whereabouts (ie my...
  7. C

    Is you tube still banned ?

    Hi all I was wondering if it is still banned,I heard that the ban was lifted but I still can't access it on my tablet. thank you.
  8. Neil_Denizli

    You Tube back up?

    I managed to get onto you tube 5 minutes ago without any VPN. Is that the same for everyone? I am still using Google DNS, so am not sure if it's post-election confidence or Google has reclaimed control from the Govt.
  9. A

    you tube

    Erdogan in a televised interview yesterday threatened to close down Facebook and YouTube according to today's Zaman is this the actions of a sane person or someone who as totally lost the plot. Where next LTD and other such media
  10. christella

    akbuk on U tube

    The only up to date website about Akbuk in Turkey - YouTube
  11. v6cod

    Turkish you tube

    Turkey has forced you tube into creating a Turkish version, if you have a Turkish IP address you will automatically re-directed to it. The Turkish government can also get objectionable publications removed from this site. Read about it here. ERSU ABLAK - What does ‘’ mean?
  12. Harem

    You Tube

    My husband has bought himself a 'cello and wants to learn how to play it!! He has found a complete set of lessons on Youtube and wants me to download them onto a dvd. Please, how do I do this? Cancel that request. Think I have done it!!!
  13. S

    Solar Tube System

    We are thinking of installing solar and have been looking at the new evacuated tube system which is supposed to be far more efficient than the panels. Has anybody had this fitted? We would be interested to know how much it costs for a system to heat water for 6 people and whether anyone can...
  14. Yogi

    LU Tube Drivers:Quadrupule pay for Boxing Day

    Just heard on the radio the London Underground Tube Drivers will be balloted over strike action as they want Quadrupule time for working on Boxing Day. Are they worth that amount of money or is this just a case of them taking the mickey? I don't have any more details unfortunately.
  15. arrian

    masterchef spoof on you tube

    quite catchy!! Masterchef song becomes web sensation | TV News Extra Blog - Yahoo! TV UK
  16. Rainbow

    Video links from You Tube

    OK, I really am a computer numpty and need someone to hold my hand :) I see people loading clips from You Tube and never really thought about how they do it until tonight. I want to load a very funny clip and don,t know how to :( I went into the page to post a message and clicked on the...
  17. Yogi

    Boxing Day Tube Strike

    This won't affect a lot of members but be interesting to find out others views. Boxing Day Tube Strike How many other people do you know who get triple time and a day off in lieu? I think it's well out of order. Currently they should be grateful they have a job in the first place and a well...
  18. juco

    Terror on the tube, Inquest

    Quote from the inquest....... "This Inquest may be the first time we have heard of the name of the Edgware-Road train driver Ray Whitehurst: I could not find it when composing my book (one may find a comparable comment on the J7 site, that the names of the key train-drivers were unobtainable)...
  19. E

    tv on you tube

    Hi all my friend has told me i can watch soaps etc on you tube so no need for uktv|(what a joke that has been) or satalite does anyone know if this is true also my you tube plays up abit does enyone know why this is. ps i live in Turkey. thanks emma
  20. Harem

    You Tube

    Does anybody know why I can't get You Tube? I get the message: "Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Web Page" no matter how I try. Nothing to do with DNS server settings I think.
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