1. A

    Hot Tub in Side - any for sale? -

    Does anyone have a 6-seater hot tub for sale please, in Side? If not, could you guide me to a Turkish website that has an English translation for costs involved in the purchase of a hot tub and also in the general running costs and cost of installation. Thank you to anybody who can help...
  2. S

    Hot tub in Altinkum? on a veranda?

    Just a thought... Are there any companies who sell and install traditional hot tubs in Altinkum? My duplex has a really large veranda/terrace, about 20" by 20" and it would be great for one to 4 people to chill out of an evening in a hot tub out there. If it is possible to buy them and have...
  3. C

    Hot Tub - Jacuzzi

    Hot Tub-Jacuzzi. Due to a timewaster a brand new 1600 x 1800 x 800mm is for sale. The unit comprises 2hp water pump+ heater - control system- total jets 32. - 3 inch jets x 6. - 2 inch jets x 12. air jets x 14. pillows x 4 heating unit installed. Now available below original retail price...
  4. V

    Hot Tub Gang

    Burglars dont like the UK's plunging temeratures either!!! Burglars take luxury dip in hot tub before ransacking home | Mail Online
  5. M

    Hot Tub Suppliers

    Firstly sorry for the double post ( also posted in the swimming pool section of the forum) But thought I might get more response here. We are looking for any hot tub manufacturers/suppliers in Turkey, preferably in the Bodrum area. I think I recall spotting one on the main Bodrum highway...
  6. celica

    Hot tub

    Hi Can anyone help, friend of mine looking for a hot tub/jacuzzi for his villa in Belek. Anywhere around Antalya would be good! :eyeye:
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