1. Tenpin

    TTNET Alternatives

    Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions for alternatives to TTNET? The reason for asking is that we called them out to a fault recently (line dropping and reconnecting hourly) which they diagnosed as our lines only supporting 8mbps. Strange as our line had worked perfectly at 16mbps for the...
  2. R

    Ttnet contact details Didim

    Hi, same old chestnut. Does any one have an e-mail address for ttnet in Didim.? Or other communication channel with details that I can use to contact them successfully? Thank you davidh
  3. M

    TTNET line moving issue

    as stated in the title... we moved from an old apartment to a new one in (antakya) and we requested that they move our internet line to the new place... in a week they came and did some cable work but the internet service wasn't working... the username and password and router and everything is...
  4. W

    Ttnet data usage

    I regularly check my data usage , I have watched sport via Kodi for about 2 hours and the rest of my use is browsing and emails - no downloads. Have just checked and am showing 8.3gb download and 2gb upload. That amount of usage is a mystery to me as the first hour on Kodi only took up 1.5gb. It...
  5. G

    Phoning TTnet From UK

    Hi Can anyone advise me procedure for calling TTNet and Turkcell freephone numbers from the UK? I want to have my internet and phone reconnected for my return to Turkey. I realise the companies are now under one umbrella. Thanks in advance. P.S. using skype. I have tried 90 4440375 and also...
  6. D

    Strange Happenings on TTnet

    About 3 months ago, we lost ADSL and Internet. After a few hours it hadn’t come back so I rang the TTnet service number. This is 444 0375, and after you are connected, you dial 99 for English. While dialling the 99 I noticed the ADSL light on my router had changed from flashing to steady...
  7. Spike

    TTNet DNS server query

    Had internet connection problems recently, computer told me "cannot find DNS server". Called customer service who told me (how to) change IPV4 connectivity from automatically find DNS server, which presumably I've been doing for the last ten years, to using a particular address,
  8. keny

    cost of TTNET landline calls too UK?

    Does antone know the cost oer minute or if there are any access number to dial first?Thanks.
  9. A

    Another TTNet interception

    Just had their worst redirect/interception yet. Two computers same connection, could not get to most websites including TLF due to a redirection to bilgi(dot)ttnet(dot)com(dot)tr/ttnetpratikcozum/index(dot)aspx, my VPN sailed through without any problem. The page is obviously advertising but...
  10. S

    Annoying ttnet

    Help please. I keep getting interrupted by the following page supposedly from TTNET. TTNET Does anyone know whether this is genuine or whether it is spam. If genuine can anyone tell me what it is and how to get rid of it - every time I try to access Turkish sites the above TTNET url pops up.
  11. B

    Ttnet internet services

    Can anyone please tell me what TTNET's unlimited data internet package allows ? I am assuming there is a fair usage policy in force and dont want to overshoot the data limit. Basically I use the internet for streaming BBC IPlayer and am wondering how many hours usage/viewing the unlimited...
  12. M

    TTNET Internet connection comes and goes.

    Almost every day my internet connection stops for 1 to 3 hours between 19:00 and 21:00. I have been logging my internet connection since March this year with RouterStats. The internet connection seems to stop at dusk or the end of the working day. In winter it is the same between 18:00 and...
  13. Tommie

    Outlook SMTP Server TTNET

    For Outlook users does anyone know what the outgoing server is for TTNET? Also what port nos do you specify?
  14. J

    TTNet Internet

    Is it possible for me, through a Turkish Resident to have Broadband Internet installed in my apartment on a No Contract Basis where I only pay for the months I am here. Advice would be greatly appreciated.
  15. S


    To all TTNET customers - help please! I have just got TTNET phone and internet package installed and due to language difficulties havent a clue as to what I have got and what I can /cant do. All I know is that I have got the 37 TL per month package and a 6gb data allowance. My questions are ...
  16. immac

    TTNet Fibre Internet - Which Modem

    I am having Fiber Internet installed by TTNet before the weekend. Only a low 24mbps until the Fethiye system is uprated, then should get 100mbps. Anyway, I think my ADSL modem will not work with it. Which modem do I need? Ian
  17. G

    TTNET Office In Oba

    Hi, I have been hitting my head against a brick wall trying to get some issues resolved with TTNET. Have called their contact centre numerous times and visited local shop in Konakli but all that happened there was I spilled cay on my white shorts!!!!:crying::crying: Apparently the main office...
  18. Tommie

    Turk Telekom - TTNet

    I have both a phone line with Turk Telekom and unlimited internet with TTNet. I signed up for TTNET with Turk Telekom. Every month I get a separate bill, in its own envelope, from both Turk Telekom and TTNet. A friend of mine also has a phone and internet but only the small package. She get 2...
  19. Tommie

    TTNet - bad connection

    Have only been out here a few days and my internet connection is crap. For the last few hours the connection is lost for a few minutes then comes back again. Impossible to do anything on the net, especially TLF. And this was before the rain. Slightly OT but if I have a local wifi drive that...
  20. G

    Suspension of TTNET

    Has anyone experience of freezing their internet from TTNET while in UK? I spend roughly 6 months in Turkey( 2 periods of 3 months) and 6 months in UK. I spoke to TTNET Contact Centre about another issue and girl asked if I wanted internet"frozen". I was aware of facility but never really...
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