1. R

    Printed T-shirts?

    Hi does anyone know where in turkey (near fethiye) i can get t-shirts printed please? would really appreciate it if someone could give me details of such a place :o)
  2. KKOB

    Are You Too Old To Wear T-Shirts ?

    Do you still wear t-shirts and what slogan does your favourite one have on it ? Read about Jeremy Clarkson's t-shirt gaff: Just one word and my T-shirt offends the whole of Japan | Jeremy Clarkson - Times Online
  3. Susan

    Sayings on T-SHIRTS

    T-SHIRTS (Around a picture of dandelions): I Fought the Lawn and the Lawn Won. So Many Women, So Few Who Can Afford Me God Made Us Sisters; Prozac Made Us Friends If They Don't Have Chocolate in Heaven, I Ain't Going. My Mother Is a Travel Agent for Guilt Trips I Just Do What the...
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