1. G

    Trustworthy Estate Agent Needed

    Hi Side This is the 2nd time I have posted on this forum. Found this forum very helpful & informative. I own an apartment in Olive Grove in Side but live in Ireland. I am looking to sell it but I understand the selling market is slow in side at present. I am happy to rent the property until...
  2. S

    Trustworthy Saoirse

    I am today going property viewing Why, you ask-sure you have just bought there Ah, I reply-good friends in Turkey are seriously considering this area and have entrusted moi to be their eyes for some viewings I will ask all the questions take notes, photos and shoot a video God I am a " good...
  3. R

    Trustworthy estate agent in bodrum needed

    Hi, can anybody recommend a trustworthy estate agent in Bodrum that deals in land. Thanks in advance, Robbiet
  4. A

    trustworthy lawyer

    Hi All Has anybody used the lawyer Pash recommended I cnt get in touch with him also any info on a lawyer called Celil have you used him? Thanks Arty:Flower:
  5. E

    trustworthy estate agent for selling apartment

    Has anyone in the Side/Manavgat area successfully sold their apartment or villa through one of the local estate agents? If so, maybe you could send me a pm with their details please? I have a couple of apartments in Ilica, the sale of which I would like to put into the hands of an agent who is...
  6. duttssie

    trustworthy builders in side

    does any one know any trustworthy builders in side ??/ a lot to ask i know , i need a new bath room , and kitchen fitted , but i also need them to be left on their own to do it , ( a lot to ask i know ) , i would appreciate any contacts in the building buiss , in side ...
  7. duttssie

    trustworthy builders in side

    if any one can help me i would be eternally gratefull . i am looking for a builder in side , that i can trust ( in turkey ?) , but i need a new bath room , and kitchen , , and to be able to leave the builder do it without me being there , to much to ask ? maybe , but i thought i...
  8. scoobydoo

    Trustworthy Pool Company Needed

    Hi all, does anybody know of a trustworthy pool company in Altinkum. We have unfortunatly been let down by Perfect Pools owner Mark Weatherall. We will need a well known and good pool company for next season to get our pool up and running again. If anybody knows of any i would be grateful...
  9. B

    If you want a very trustworthy guide/Taxi...

    then I recommend you try Emre.This young chap has a taxi business with his family in Kalkan and will arrange Airport Transfers,Day Trips or just short rides into town or to collect your kids from a Night Club at night.We used him exclusively last year and he is very polite and friendly and I...
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