1. zuberdust

    trusting ebay

    well just last week i was bidding on a very attractive antique slate mantle clock... i really liked it and kept bidding untill another bidder put in a high maximum bid to which i dont know off, anyway i stopped at the £80 mark and was a bit down as i wud have liked to have won it.. oh well i...

    trusting Turkish People

    I know that there has been a lot of posts showing the negatives of buying in turkey and although this isn;t about buying , I wanted to share this with you all. I asked Edy from the curtain shop to do my curtains for my apartment , in which he did an excellent job.In May I asked him to give me a...
  3. eastriding

    Trusting shopkeepers

    Having run up a couple of bar bills and restraunt bills during the week, even though the owners didn't know me from Adam, I thought the owners had a trusting nature, (all paid up of course) but one shop owner was amazing. I was over at the shopping centre on my last day to use the orange cafes...
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