1. J

    Looking for a good (trust worth) real estate company, and separate lawyer

    Hello there, i am interested in moving to Ankara, Turkey. I plan on buying property and subsequently apply citizenship for my family (wife + 4 kids) through the citizenship by investment program. can anyone suggest: 1) a real state (trustworthy) company with vast networks in Ankara that can...
  2. S

    Trust shaken????

    Some time back I posted here about coming across some homeless people sleeping rough in Belfast One in particular was a young woman to whom big girl and me gave cash on more than a few occasions as she lay on the street close to my wife's office. Heart breaking to see people in such a...
  3. yalimart

    Who can we trust ?

    Hundreds of police officers accused of sexual exploitation If the biggest gang in the UK are at it, who can we trust ? Hundreds of police officers accused of sexual exploitation Martin
  4. B

    40 years 0f Princes Trust.

    I am not a fan of Ant and Dec, but I thought that the programme that they hosted last night, on ITV, was excellent. A display of some of the good that comes from "The Princes Trust". Bill.
  5. B

    Lack of trust in Politicians.

    Election 2015: It wasn't meant to be like this - BBC News There is a definite lack of trust in politicians of all shades, so far as the general public is concerned. Bill.
  6. T

    Don't Trust Women

    Conmen who are dressing as women to rip off elderly | UK | News | Daily Express
  7. Kingfisher

    Do you trust TripAdvisor reviews?

    It's the hotel review website that millions use to help choose their holiday. But... Can you trust a single word on TripAdvisor? It's the hotel review website that millions use to help choose their holiday. But... Can you trust a single word on Trip Advisor? | Mail Online Did you know that...
  8. juco

    Who would you trust?

    So phone hacking is investigated by people who rent their houses to each other to fiddle money from the taxpayer. The swindling MPs are exposed by journalists who hack their phones. The BBC makes programmes on bent politicians and journalists, whilst sinisterly supressing their own programmes...
  9. B

    Trust me I'me an engineer

    You gotta love people!!
  10. B

    People I Trust Side

    There is a new facebook page called Peopleitrust Side in which I hope you will contribute to. These are only personal recommendations from anything to Taxi cabs to building problems, anywhere or anyone you persoanlly would like to reccomend. Anyone bought any wall art or canvass recently? Plus...
  11. R

    Akbuk Dogs Trust

    Hi can anyone tell me where Akbuk Dogs Trust is? I have left a couple of messages on their Facebook site but no reply. I'm only here until Tues & have large bag of of food to drop off + donation. There is also an injured cat around our villa hoping they may be able to help? Thanks
  12. D

    Haci (Haji) Bekir Trust

    Has anyone in Yalikavak or elsewhere heard of this trust and do you know anything about it. Jolo
  13. Peaceplant

    Can you really trust the health profession?

    I was reading the Swine Flu thread with interest and Terry summed up what I would imagine is most people's take on any sort of drug or vaccine prescribed by their doctor: I find there are enough things to worry about without questioning everything every expert does or says. If my doctor says...
  14. perfect1949

    colleen rooney say,s she would never trust wayne again

    colleen rooney say,s she could never trust wayne again , could you trust your partner if they had done a similar thing ? i dont think i could . dave
  15. newhorizon

    Just how much do you trust the News and Media?

    I have been following some news items recently, as many of you know I have been following the case of the woman in Iran being stoned to death. It may be old news or same old, same old news for some nevertheless I've commented on it. Now a rather ugly image is emerging from the internal power...
  16. R

    Can I Trust Him???

    hello met a barman from ARTI REST/BAR on the 21/09 he has text and called me every day since ive got back..... wants me to return in jan 2010 to see him and says we can rent house to share.....shall i trust him???? has anyone else been to ARTI REST/BAR or am i being paranoid???? there is a lot...
  17. KKOB

    Should Turkey Trust Its People ?

    When you trust your citizens, you don’t feel the need to ban Web sites. Free internet for all - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review Trust us please - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  18. S

    does anyone recommend ORKA HOMES?

    Hi We are looking to purchase a holiday home in Hisaronu. Can anyone give us advice on Hanel, Infinity Express or Orka homes? Thanks Suzanne
  19. turtle-webs

    Don't trust every Brit

    In light of some of the recent topics covered on this and other forums and in the local papers I just wanted to post a quick reminder to those visiting Turkey this year that may not have followed those threads or read the local English language papers. Please ask the same questions to yourself...
  20. M


    My mother was with her kurdish boyfriend for 3 yrs. She believed and trusted in him. Because he was in his 30's he could not get a bar job. He had no money but wanted his own business. So mum set him up in a cafe bar. The 1st year was ok but the 2nd he brought his sister down from Istanbul...
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