1. IbrahimAbi

    Trouble at t'mill

    I can see real trouble brewing over this one. They are trying to Kaş in, it is a Rum do! Athens plans to declare an exclusive economic zone around the small island of Kastelorizo just one mile off the Turkish coast, Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos said on Dec. 19. Greece vows to declare...
  2. bickern

    Turkeys Malls in Trouble

    Turkey’s glitzy shopping malls in dire straits amid currency woes. Hundreds of posh shopping malls that mushroomed across Turkey under the Justice and Development Party (AKP) are in deep trouble, hit by the meltdown of the Turkish lira and declining sales. The once bustling malls — the symbol...
  3. E

    Computer trouble

    Information needed . Opened the computer last night as normal fired up OK and just went to a lit blank screen ,all the sounds are still there when you plug your mouse ext but nothing on screen .The computer is a AMD A8 windows 8.1 Be grateful if anyone can help.
  4. bal canavar

    TROUBLE BREWING in South east Turkey

    If there wasn't enough trouble in Turkey, trouble is brewing in the Southeast. The election has left a lot of unresolved anger and a feeling of fustration of the result , plus the ruling parties bombing of pkk positions under the guise of bombing Daesh. Towns and villages in the SE the...
  5. bal canavar

    Nevruz Trouble Brewing

    With the Nevruz celebration coming on 21/23 there is expected to be an extra large celebration this year a record crowd of 1 MILLION has been realised before so who knows how many this year. The ruling party has never liked this show of force by the Kurds during Nevruz and it looks like...
  6. D

    Trouble in Syria and effect of Turkish Properties?

    Hi - I just wondered if anyone else is concerned about all the trouble in Syria and how it will affect Turkey? Someone posted yesterday that the UK was issuing travel warnings. What do you think?
  7. P

    monarch flights to antalya 2015 whats going on?

    Hi, we booked retun flights manchester to antalya for june 2015 with monarch. We booked the flights when they first came on sale in july.2 week later friends phoned monarch trying to book same flights, they were told manchester to antalya flights were under review and are no longer on sale.i...
  8. S

    Turkish " fleg" trouble

    Not just the North of Ireland where flags/flegs can cause major trouble BBC News - Turkish PM Erdogan vows to punish flag protester
  9. S

    Russian trouble in Belfast

    Well Jaycey you're not the only one having to put up with bad behavior from pesky Russians but we Belfastys are made of sterner stuff and we aren't running away from them!!!! BBC News - Russian sailor on Belfast harbour drunkenness charge
  10. SLEEPY

    Out of trouble

    Having closed the company lap top a few years ago and kissed power point and airports good bye, I bought flea bag and other than my doggy duties I really enjoy doing absolutely nothing. As winter approaches however I was wondering what pastime I could take up to keep me out of trouble and off...
  11. tomc1984

    Trouble abroad

    Anyone watch this last night, focussed on 3 families, France, USA and Spain. quite interesting. A couple of things struck me. The women in France having to rely on charity handouts, isn't that why many British people complain about foreigners coming to UK. The guy in Spain who used to be a rock...
  12. M

    In More Trouble

    When we bought our villa, which we subsequently had stolen through the Turkish "legal" system, we put a small amount of money on a Time Deposit. The idea was that the interest would help to pay for utilities. We now need to get this money to pay to have our personal possessions brought to us...
  13. kale

    Double trouble

    Time things came out think i have sat on this c....p long enough On our site now many of the property,s which have been sold once are now occupied with turkish people , SOLD / RENTED . If your lawyer was working in your interest how is this possible? If the court was ever to rule in...
  14. M

    Deska Global company makes trouble

    hello thank you for your answers. I try to write in english but my english is not so good! You can read so much about Deska Global/Infinity Express, because this is a company wich makes so much trouble and anger with there customers. I know several people who have houses / villas bought and do...
  15. N

    Deska Global/Infinity Express Trouble and no Tapu

    Hello everyone, thank you for answers. On the property where we built, there are 4 other villas. No one of the owners has received from Global Deska / Infinity express his tapu. We are waiting since May 2011. We have high costs for flights, hotels and car rentals paid for itself. In addition...
  16. skydog

    The Trouble With Socialism.....

    An economics professor stated to his class, he'd never failed a single student before but had failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama's socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equaliser. The professor then held an experiment with the...
  17. jane2005

    Thomas Cook in trouble?

    Just seen this on Sky News. Let's hope there's no truth in it, it would cause huge problems and not only for us Turkey lovers. Thomas Cook, Europe's Second Biggest Tour Operator, Is Negotiating With Its Banks About Growing Debt | Business | Sky News
  18. kemerkid

    more trouble in the UK

    What a great shame to see more trouble occuring in the UK BBC News - Petrol bombs thrown at police after Apprentice Boys' parade
  19. shirleyanntr

    İs the lira in trouble

    according to the writer of the article in the link the Turkish lira is in Free-fall.. with the bubble about to burst He paints a grim picture. not only for the economy but for the demographics...predicting that Kurds will outnumber Turks in the not too distant future. Asia Times Online ...
  20. V

    Thomas Cook Trouble

    Thomas Cook's top boss has resigned with immediate effect...and their financial head says he may consider selling businesses in the group after a disatrous year. Is this more trouble in store for the airlines and holidaymakers??? CORRECT:UPDATE: Thomas Cook Mulls Disposals As CEO Quits Amid...
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