1. bickern

    Turkish troops have invaded Greece

    Turkish troops have invaded Greece and occupied a small patch of land on their contested border. Around 35 soldiers marched on to a floodplain site on the east bank of the River Evros at Melissokomeio yesterday. Turkish soldiers and police special forces now have a solid presence within the...
  2. suzyq

    First Woman to commands Troops

    Canadian soldier, 24, makes history as she becomes the first woman to command the troops guarding the Queen at Buckingham Palace Read more: First woman to command the troops guarding the Queen | Daily Mail Online Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  3. S

    Russia kills Turkish troops

    I would imagine his apology to be every bit as sincere as Erdogans for the Turks killing of the Russian pilot Syria war: Russian air strike kills Turkish soldiers - BBC News
  4. bickern

    Putin orders troops to withdraw from Syria

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the military to withdraw from Syria. Russia is guilty of war crimes in Syria, says Amnesty International On the day peace talks between the warring sides in Syria and backed by the United Nations resumed in Geneva, Putin held a meeting in the Kremlin...
  5. E

    Turkish Troops on the move

    What's on the agenda NOW ? Turkish Troops enter Syria Tuesday evening while their ISIL friends looked on . Turkish Troops ENTERED SYRIA KURDISH MEDIA
  6. suzyq

    Turkey pull back troops from Iraqi border

    Turkey has pulled 350 troops back from the Turkish-Iraqi border after reaction from Baghdad over the deployment of more Turkish soldiers in Mosul. The troops were waiting on the border and will be sent to Iraq if Ankara and Baghdad agreed on the issue, sources told Hürriyet Daily News...
  7. suzyq

    Suspected U.S. bomb Syrian Gov Troops

    A suspected US-led coalition air strike has killed four Syrian military personnel, according to a monitoring group. The strike took place in Deir al-Zour province, which is largely held by the jihadist group Islamic State, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. If confirmed, it would be...
  8. B

    UK Troops for the Baltic States.

    The Baltic and the Bear - Al Jazeera English Fallon to send UK troops to Baltics as Russia buffer - BBC News Are the Baltic States and NATO right to be worried about Russia's intentions? Bill.
  9. T

    UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops

    UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops | World news | The Guardian
  10. Spurs

    Troops on the streets.

    We all remember the troops on the streets in NI but will we ever be making the same decision as France? I seem to remember years back troops involved in "helping out" during strikes & more recent deployed to assist over the floods. This move by France seems extreme to me but on saying that...
  11. Firefox

    British Troops Iraq

    The Air-war against IS is not effective as Britain is now complied to send ground troops to Iraq. Dave Cams absolute cast iron promise NO Ground Troops Ever in Iraq to parliament is short lived. Hundreds Of British Troops To Be Sent To Iraq Are these soldiers going to be fighting for Queen...
  12. tykatem

    Libyan troops rape man

    Libyan troops rape man in Cambridge Libyan troops in court after being charged with rape of man in Cambridge park Two Libyan cadets were remanded in custody today after being charged with the rape of a man in Cambridge. The case came on the same day that three other Libyan soldiers appeared...
  13. B

    UK troops and Mali.

    BBC News - Mali: RAF C17 cargo plane to help French operation Provided this is all we are doing, then fine. What we don't need is UK troops on the ground getting involved. Bill.
  14. millilove76

    Iraqi Troops Head North

    It's not been picked up much by the press with events in Gaza and Syria hitting the headlines. But i find it interesting news that Iraqi forces are deploying troops to the 'border' with Northern Iraq. I heard on the radio this evening that near to 100,000 troops will be deployed in that area...
  15. shirleyanntr

    Turkish troops massing on Syrian border

    there's been a lot of movement the last few days with troops and tanks massing near Kilis on the border. Antakya town ..which relies on now brimming over with refugees and wounded soldiers/activists and local people are really worried there's reports of a few clashes with locals...
  16. B

    Troops in Jubilee Parade.

    BBC News - Diamond Jubilee: Armed forces in parade and flypast I watched the Jubilee Parade on BBC television this morning. The discipline and training of the forces on view, reminded me of one of the reasons I am so proud to be British...
  17. A

    War on drugs? 110k active US troops 'on prescribed meds'

    Thousands of US soldiers are going into battle fueled by all sorts of prescription medications, be they amphetamines, antidepressants, sedatives or others. Largely unmonitored consumption of drugs can lead to aberrant behavior and mental disorders. Over 110,000 American service personnel took...
  18. Firefox

    US troops Burn Korans

    Another example of the losing side USA leaving in shame, after Bombing,Killing, Raping, Destroying the poorest country in the world thier peace talks with Taliban staling. All theses barbaric US henchmen men can do is burn the Koran. Afghanistan: 'Koran Burnings' By US Troops, Investigation...
  19. perfect1949

    a great Christmas song for the troops

    All I Want For Christmas - HMS OCEAN - YouTube dave
  20. KKOB

    Are UK Troops Underpaid And Overtaxed ?

    As a follow-on from Zozatky's post regarding supporting our troops abroad "does the team think" our troops stationed abroad should be paying so much tax ? Why do we pay tax when we're here fighting for our country, Mr Brown?Young soldier tackles PM on Afghanistan visit. | Mail Online
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