1. IbrahimAbi

    Fires in TRNC

    Forest fires broke out in TRNC on Sunday night. I hope everyone stays safe and they are quickly extinguished. Turkey sent helicopters.
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Residency in TRNC discussion

    North Cyprus is discussing a new residence regulation. There are differing positions on the issue. During our 4 years working in the TRNC it seemed to me that mainland Turks were not always welcomed by the locals. The locals seemed not to object to the finance from Ankara though, and seemed to...
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Fire in TRNC

    A fire after an explosion in a military zone in Turkish Cyprus’ coastal city of Girne has been taken under control, Turkey’s Defense Ministry said on Sept. 12. Fire in Turkish Cyprus military zone under control: Defense Ministry - World News
  4. gally

    TRNC 90 in 180?

    Hi Does the 90 in 180 day rule apply in Northern Cyprus? So If I went to TRNC for a holiday any time soon would that period be counted in the 180 day rule on mainland Turkey? Thanks
  5. suecheshireuk

    Moving personal items from TRNC to Fethiye area.

    Thoughts, ideas, suggestions most welcome. We have hit a bit of a wall regarding moving some of our stuff to Turkey. One removal firm said they won't ship it as they don't have enough customers, so it will have to go by air, which could prove expensive. Another company say's they will only do...
  6. Housemartins

    TRNC - Penthouse For Sale

    Hi folks well after 4 and a bit great years here in North Cyprus we have decided its time for a new adventure and we are now looking to sell our apartment. Here's the link to the advert: 2 bed apartment for sale in Bahceli - 43436576 - Zoopla Some basic details: - 2 bedroom with 1 bathroom -...
  7. L

    Buying in TRNC

    To apply to buy a property in TRNC I have to provide the authorities with a Criminal Record Check. As I have not lived or owned a property in the UK for many years I cannot apply there for one. As I have lived in Turkey for 12 years I have been advised that I should get one from there. I did...
  8. suecheshireuk

    The best language for TRNC

    Well, after now settling down to life here in North Cyprus, we have come to the conclusion that speaking English is the safest language to use. A few weeks ago Tony asked for the bill in Turkish, and the waiter said what language is that? Tony said Turkish, and he turned round and said Im...
  9. YabanciGirl

    Can Turks work in TRNC?

    Hi everyone, I recently got Turkish citizenship and I was wondering ... Can I visit there with just my Kimlik/Turkish ID or would I need to get a Turkish passport? Can I work freely in Northern Cyprus or do I need a work permit?
  10. G

    Renewal of Turkish visa from TRNC

    Hi. My Turkish 6 month residential visa expires tomorrow but I currently reside in North Cyprus. I plan to return there for a short period in late August and therefore need a valid reentry visa. Is there any way I can get this done in north Cyprus....or god forbid, online? :boom:
  11. L

    TRNC over 60s residency.

    Citizens Advice Cyprus ? TRNC Residency Applications for over 60?s | cyprusscene No residence permit required for over 60s. Come and go as many times as they wish and stay as long as they wish. Maybe Turkey could learn something here!! I won't hold my breath.
  12. suecheshireuk

    Off to TRNC

    Well, with the residency fiasco still running, and ours expiring in a few days time, we have decided to move to Northern Cyprus. We popped over last week and met up with the housemartins who by the way are fantastic, and will do anything to help out, so feel free to pick their brains if needs...
  13. A

    Making a living in TRNC

    Just putting some feelers out for 2 friends who are thinking of spending sone tine in TRNC they are in the rag trade would they make a living selling clothes in Cyprus at good prices
  14. A

    Going to TRNC

    Just booked flights to look around TRNC In Febuary We are arriving in Larnaca,I take it we can travel back and fore the two sides. Does anyone know of a nice hotel/ b&b to stay and are there any issues with rental cars.
  15. Housemartins

    Cost of living Turkey v TRNC (North Cyprus)

    We have been living in TRNC now for 5 months and life is certainly different and an experience and without a doubt the right move away from Turkey. And it is great to have the EU just across the border. But the thing people said to us is what is the cost of living going to be like when you are...
  16. K

    alanya to TRNC

    Hi, i'm wanting to go visit TRNC has anyone got any advice on how to go about getting a boat there, usual cost etc. just i havent been before and its on my to do list. ive found a ferry website but unsure if the port tax is included in price or not im a bit lol :) any advice much...
  17. Q

    Northern Cyprus permits

    OK, I know Northern Cyprus isn't technically part of Turkey, but half of Turkish maps seem to show it as a Turkish province, and it remains dominated by Turkey to a degree possible for any genuinely sovereign state. And I know it's a popular tourist location for both Turks and Brits. So I...
  18. val2661

    Visit to trnc

    Just returned from a short visit to Northern Cyprus and absolutely loved it. I didn't realise that it had such a British influence there, and was amazed at how well most of the cafes, bars, taxi drivers and even supermarket workers spoke good English. Also amazed at the amount of English...
  19. val2661

    Trnc visit any tips???

    I am shortly going to visit Northern Cyprus for the first time, taking the ferry from Alanya. Can anyone tell me whether the shopping is any different to Turkey? What supermarkets (if any) would you advise for me to get pork products, English goodies etc. Or is it the same as here in Alanya...
  20. T

    Tess in TRNC

    Hello, I am currently living in North Cyprus and I am looking for a move to Turkey in a couple of yrs. I am looking for a property in the Candarli and Denizköy which will be used as a holiday home until I go there to live. Has anyone else bought in that area? Tess
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