1. IbrahimAbi

    Short trips that you have enjoyed

    I enjoyed reading about Freedom 49s short visit to Cappadocia but did not wish to hijack the thread. I thought it would be useful to have somewhere to add places which you would recommend to others. Back in February 'AngelaTurkey' recommended 'Birgi' near Ödemiş in the Izmir province. We went in...
  2. W

    istanbul-ferry boat trips

    Any recommendtions re boat trips whilst in Istanbul.Always wanted to sail up the Bosphorus and I know there will be plenty of organised trips available.But how about the ordinary public service feribots?
  3. P

    boat trips

    Hi we are coming to datca next week and would like some advice on daily boat trips please. Such as where to book them and best places to go. Also any recommedations for places to eat. Many thanks Jane and dave
  4. Fran Dessop

    Travel Agent & Trips

    Hi, can anyone give advice on what trips are nearby to Gulluk, and how best to access them. Are there trips in Minibuses (not Dolmus)? Is there a travel agent in the village that can help. Don't want to travel by boat, and would rather travel by road. Can anyone help? Thank you Fran
  5. L

    Boat trips etc

    Hi, coming to Altinkum after many years of going to Maramaris and Icemeler, anybody recommend the best place to book trips, thanks.
  6. A

    day trips

    hi does anyone know who does day trips from altinkum to baffa lake and sirince please thanks
  7. P

    Boat trips and first holiday to yalikavac

    Hi my friends and my family are going to yalikavac at the end of July, there are 11 of us. We want to go on a boat trip but don't want to do the northern coast as many people have said the open waters are too rough. Should we just take a dolmus to bodrum and sort it out there or go to gumusluk...
  8. tomc1984

    Excursion trips from Yalikavak

    Does anyone know if Tylan who runs the video shop and excursions has a website for his trips?
  9. R


    TRIPs TO ANTALYA STATE OPERA AND BALLET HOUSE FEBRUARY 2013 16th of February (Saturday) - West Side Story, musical Starts at16:00, bus goes from Mahmutlar at 12:30 (only 5 places left) 19th of February (Tuesday) - West Side Sotry, musical Starts at 20:00, bus goes from Mahmutlar at 16:30 28 of...
  10. C

    Boat trips

    Hello, my husband is on the mend from breaking his leg, can anyone recommend a boat with plenty of room between sun bed's so he doesn't have to climb over them to get about. Many thanks..Caz.
  11. L

    boat trips

    can anyone reccommend a good boat trip ,something thats not got music blaring out constantly,suitable for kids
  12. JOHNYH

    Samos Boat Trips.

    Does anyone know if there is any sailings to Samos, a few years ago they where talking about doing this ?. Johnyh.
  13. CJD

    Boat Trips - New Rules

    The local council has formed a corporation for all of the boats regardless of size or capacity. For any boat to now anchor their boat at the harbour or anywhere in Marmaris they have to belong to this corporation. The council have now taken the control of all boat trips which means regardless of...
  14. culturevulture

    Easter trips to The House of Mary???

    Does anyone know if there are any trips running, from Didim to The Blessed Mother's house, during the Easter ceremonies, especially Easter Sunday? I would love to go Mass there on Easter Sunday morning. Mary.
  15. Moochin

    Harbour Boat Trips

    Can anyone help? Im in Gazipasa playing host to my hubby's family, and they want to go on an Alanya boat triop. I know it's best bookable on the harbour itself so they can pick their boat and negotiate a price but the only trouble is they only have tomorrow left. I don't want them ti travel all...
  16. jaimie

    Boat trips from Altinkum

    Morning Everyone, Two things. Do they still do the boat trips to the Greek islands from Altinkum, and any ideas of sailing times and prices if they do, also have given up smoking and need a fag badly- should I just have the one??? :-) J.
  17. D

    Quiet Boat Trips in Altinkum

    Can anyone recommend a good boat trip around the coast that won't be blasting music out all day long? we always used to go on the boat trips until an episode with Maxi Tours 2 years ago put us off...the music was so loud we couldn't have a converstaion unless we roared at each other. We couldn't...
  18. bodrumsjh

    Boat Trips from Bodrum?

    Does anyone know of a reliable and insured boat trip out of Bodrum? I'm not talking about the all day, sunbathing, music and jumping over the side type of which there are loads. What I'm looking for is a leisurely hour or two quietly chugging along the coast and back, but I haven't seen...
  19. J

    Re Quiet Akbuk boat trips

    Somebody mentioned starting a thread in regards to quiet boat trips in Akbuk ie... No loud music!! it seems such a shame that most of the boat trips do seem to be blasting out English music!! so what should be a relaxing time out at sea is being spoilt. Unfortunately the trend seems to be now...
  20. P

    Day trips Ephesus etc

    On another thread ( Gordion Travel ) people have mentioned that it seems to be standard practice, when taking people on trips to places like Ephesus/ Pamakkule etc , that companies divert travellers to Carpet factories/ Leather factories etc. I suppose they get a 'kick Back '. As we want...
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