1. Tenpin

    New bus trip from Delhi to London

    New bus trip will take you from Delhi to London in 70 days Extract: Described as the "first-ever hop-on/hop-off bus service" between the two destinations, Bus to London will ferry 20 passengers on a...
  2. S

    Turkey trip

    So big girl has booked a wee holiday for us returning to her beloved Fethiye area this May/June I will just double check our tickets are returns.....
  3. P

    3 day trip from kusadasi to istanbul

    Have seen info re 3 day return from Kusadasi / Istanbul,lost thread.
  4. A

    Turkey trip ideas - Istanbul and beyond

    salam alaikum, am planning on visiting Turkey next year. Will be my third visit. I have only stayed in Central Istanbul. This time am looking for a change. Would like to spend a week there, but 3 days at some resort/coastal area and remainder in heart of old city. can anyone recommend an area...
  5. C

    Boat trip +fishing trip

    Have been searching the net for recommendations for a day boat trip and a day fishing trip as we are doing a 4day trip to Bodrum on the 6th October from altinkum, we have been on many boats from altinkum and thought it would make a change to see different bays would much appreciate any...
  6. Spurs

    School trip.

    My daughter is on the Board of Governors at a local junior school outside Derby, the proverbial has hit the fan. They do RE (religious education) &. for a day out the school organised a visit to a Church, Sikh Temple & a Mosque, all well & good. Then the message came from the Mosque & passed...
  7. G

    Boat trip

    Hi what is the best all inclusive boat trip for a day in marmaris Cheers in advance
  8. S

    Great Price trip

    Now I KNOW Turkeys much further away so I KNOW that's why it's dearer etc and I am NOT slagging Turkey in any way, just highlighting purely from a cash perspective how cheap I find access to my new spot For me two return flights £500 plus 2 weeks car hire £250 in Turkey , whereas I just booked...
  9. M

    Bodrum to Kos day trip

    Hi, after 12 years my fridge is finally dying so I am about to buy a new fridge freezer and intend to go to Kos on a day trip to fill it up. Can anyone recommend a good butcher near the ferry port? Another dilemma is for those who have done it - as it will be quite heavy what bags do you use to...
  10. christella

    Boat trip to Patmos

    Anybody know if there is a boat trip from Altinkum to Patmos
  11. R

    weekend trip

    Just introducing myself, my wife and I have had a villa in Gundogan for 10 years and love Turkey. We are now spending 5 or 6 weeks at a time here twice a year and want to start seeing some more of Turkey. We are hiring a car to go up to see Epheus this weekend with a night stop over somewhere...
  12. T

    Trip Suggestions

    Hi, We are in Mahmutlar, have seen and done all the local sights etc; can anyone suggest any places of interest or natural beauty within a three hour driving distance that we could visit during October. Many thanks Tash
  13. B

    Best pleasure boat trip

    Well today for the first time I went on the Sunshine boat, what a great trip!! nice food, nice people, went to spots around the coast had not been to before on a boat trip.The music was at low level and recognizable to us older folks. Went on a boat trip once when they played 50 cent LOUD all...
  14. T

    Boat Trip

    Hi again, getting a frequent poster on here lately lol My wife and I are looking to go on a boat trip when in Alanya in late September. Are there still all-inclusive trips with free drink and food as these in the past have been the better ones when we've been in Icmeler and Turgetreis. Can...
  15. S

    Cornwall to Turkey our trip

    Well our journey from Cornwall has begun. Hoping for a leisurely drive to Canterbury with an overnight stay in a park specially dedicated to camper vans, after working in the morning we left home at 1pm. We decided to take the A303 as it was a more scenic drive. What should have taken us 6+...
  16. jandj

    Trip to Lesbos

    Judith and I are planning to spend a few days in Lesbos, ferrying across from Ayvalik. Has anyone done the same and can offer advice or tips on where to stay etc. Many thanks
  17. Yalides

    Trip hazard....

    Muslim nursery worker loses tribunal battle to wear head-to-toe jilbab | Daily Mail Online Apart from scaring the kids to death dressed like the bogeyman.
  18. suecheshireuk

    Help needed to plan a Marmaris and Fethiye trip

    I need some help as I"m getting nowhere fast on my own. We plan to fly into Dalaman, and either go to Marmaris first or Fethiye, which ever works out the easiest using public transport. It doesn't matter which way round we go. I would be really grateful for any help whatsoever. Thanks Sue xx
  19. H

    Trip Switch

    Has anyone experienced this problem with their electric mains box? The main trip switch goes off often, not the individual trip switches, but the main one and stays off. We have had the electrician out several times. He is very professional and was highly recommended. He has changed the...
  20. bickern

    Hitlers Trip To Yorkshire

    Warning - F word and more used a few times - Warning Warning - F word and more used a few times - Warning Don't watch if easily offended or if you come from Lancashire.
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