1. bickern

    Tips & Tricks

    WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PUT A COIN IN THE FREEZER BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME. Have you ever come home from vacation, business trip or maybe a long weekend away with the family - and noticed your digital clocks flashing the wrong time? You quickly realise that you had a power outage while you were away...
  2. mollag

    How's tricks ?

    We will be over in 15 days or so, how's things looking ? anything to report ?
  3. Z

    Artev at there old tricks

    Warning if you go to Royal Heights Turkish night they are charging DOUBLE prices for drinks you dont find out until you get massive bill at the end . And charged for drinks you dont get .
  4. Martyn

    62 Windows 7 Tips & Tricks

    There are some nice ones. 62 Windows 7 tips, tricks and secrets | News | TechRadar UK
  5. Mushtaq

    Amazing magic tricks
  6. A

    Goldtrail up to the usual tricks

    I have just received my tickets supposedly for the Monarch flight leaving at 8pm Sunday night 1st October and I am now not taking off until 7.45am Monday 2nd and now with crappy Onur Air. I have lost my lift on the Sunday now as everyone is working Monday so it is an extra £80 for airport...
  7. Ms Who

    Dissapearing tricks

    Not sure if I'm just thick and everyone knows but me. Its perfectly logical really but I guess Ive just not took the time to think about it before. Yesterday, I was sitting in a car in the carwash at the BP Garage and as the huge rollers were on their second motion, I looked out the windscreen...
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