1. RedBloodedHound

    Trevors' little scheme.

    Not sure which section to put this in. High tech Goatherds. BBC News - Where donkeys power the internet Shame we can't get signal in the middle of Wales.
  2. L

    Why Trevor.

    Why am I suddenly getting Trevor and Phillip popping onto my screen when I don't log in?
  3. Yalides

    Trevor in Bethlehem

    New Jesus book reveals there were no donkeys beside crib, no lowing oxen and definitely no carols at Christmas | Mail Online We all realise that Mr Pope sir. You are just trying to spoil our end of year holidays and why would Trevor want to go to Bethlehem when the efes would be cheaper in...
  4. Dalaman Deli

    Trevor & Carol

    I need to contact Trevor & Carol in Dalaman. I have something for Carol and it is pretty important. If anyone has their contact details, can you ask them to call into the office. Many thanks Ruth
  5. saffie

    Trevor for Mayor?

    Donkey stands for town hall post in Bulgarian election | Mail Online Could this precedent be the start of Trevor's new career in Uzumlu? :3: There seem to be more than a few donkeys already in power. ( Sorry- I'm in a silly mood today!) saffie
  6. ted j

    Philip and Trevor

    Was digging through some old photos today, when i came across this, (Philip's on the right).....
  7. Yalides

    Trevor Bailey

    I see the Cricketer Trevor Bailey has died.
  8. luckycat68

    Secret Mediterranean - Trevor McDonald

    I wonder if anyone was able to watch this programme last night on ITV 1 ? It started with Trevor McDonald travelling , firstly, he did a tour on the Christina O -once the billionares super yacht, Aristotle Onassis-- oh what a ship Next he flew to Izmir , to witness the Camel Wrestling , - def...
  9. ted j

    Ask Trevor

    Okay, here is your chance to ask me any question you've always wanted to know the answer to,(I'm not gonna say the answer will be technically correct, but it should be funny), just 2 stipulations, no politics and no religion (and the donkey's answer is final on any disputes) . Trevor
  10. arrian

    is Trevor picture 13

    with some of his cohorts from the council??? In pictures: The week in wildlife | Environment |
  11. John O' Dreams

    Look away Trevor!

    Advanced warning to Saoirse: DO NOT let Trevor see this: OAP jailed for sex with horse and donkey
  12. R

    Trevor n Jai

    Welcome back you two,hope the last few days after we left were fab 4 ya.You two are a great laugh,and loved every minute in your company :),just wish you Lesley would have been that belly dancer ;) ;),i might have needed 2 hands [:p]. Liz sends her love to the two of you. Thanks for the...
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