1. ted j

    Jackie Trent dies

    Singer/songwriter Jackie Trent has passed away aged 74 She was married to Tony Hatch and together they wrote hits for Petula Clark, dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and also wrote the theme for the Aussie soap Neighbours I remember her singing "Where are you now" ,live on TV BBC News -...
  2. F

    Turkish Food In Burton Upon Trent

    Went out the other night to " Zuleyhas " in Burton On Trent it is owned and run by Ahmet and Kay Ozer, although Kay is a trained Chef Ahmet does the Turkish cooking and all I can say is Hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm it was great we had Vine Leaves stuffed with rice and sultanas and a main course of Grilled...
  3. no-nem

    'smoke on trent'

    Seems due to a beaurocratic blunder at the town hall you can still have a fag in the pubs and clubs of Stoke on Trent. Apparently the council cocked something up and now have to wait till Aug 2nd to enforce the ban!! (c/o yahoo news)
  4. C

    Hello from Stoke on Trent!

    Just to introduce myself and to thank you for such a great site. I have been researching the Bodrum Peninsular since October with a view to purchasing an off plan property and my laptop is nearly worn out!. I will be visiting in January and am particularly interested in Yalikavak, Gundogan or...
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