1. bickern

    As tremors go, that gave me a shake.

    Wow, I felt that tremor.
  2. Sleekit

    Tremors in Alanya

    Worse than the last,had to evacuate all the people in our block,I am on top floor,boy did it rock.Hope we don't get another.
  3. V

    Tremors 4.6 magnitude

    Just after 6am local time the first of a few tremors were felt here, shaking the furniture and lamp shades a wee bit! Apparently centred on Atakoy and Ula registering 4.6 at 0602 local time and at a deptth of 6kms. Reduced to 3.6 a couple of minutes later and 2.6 after 15mins. Latest...
  4. val2661

    Earth tremors

    Did anyone else in the Alanya area experience the earth tremors at about 1.20 am this morning? For the first time since living here I found it scary as my building actually shook! Val
  5. peter the postie

    Turkish earth tremors.... bah!!

    City has sixth tremor in a month An earthquake has shaken Manchester for the sixth time in a month. The minor earth tremor was felt in the city centre just after 0545 BST but there have not been any reports of injuries or damage to property. Seismologists at the British Geological Survey (BGS)...
  6. KKOB

    Earth tremors in Kent

    Apparently there have been earth tremors in the Deal, Dover, Folkestone area this morning. Is it still safe for me to go there for my holiday ? :lol:
  7. v6cod


    Just heard from my friend in Dalyan that they had three or four bad earth tremors yesterday but luckily my partly built villa is still standing, phew!!!!!!!! :25: Anyone else feel them, and how often do they occur ?
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