1. stevecarol


    Did i just feel an earthquake or did i imagine it
  2. Yalides


    Just felt a tremor at 3.20 pm here in Gumuskaya. Lasted about 3 seconds. Anyone else feel it ?

    Another tremor.

    At first i thought Ceyn had passed wind,but then i realized we had experienced another earth tremor at 4.54am today.It felt just like an artic. had driven through the house. That's the 5th one this year.Scary eh?????
  4. Yildez Datca

    Earth tremor

    Anyone else feel the tremor this morning at 9.04?

    Earth Tremor.

    Anyone else feel the tremor 5 minutes ago? Shook the ornaments,4th one this year.
  6. F


    Anybody feel it 3.2 tremor off black island Bodrum at aboute 4.00pm :decision::eek::eek:
  7. S

    Icmeler Tremor

    Just had to say was awake for my first tremor, did anyone else feel it just before 6pm tonight, my partner did not feel it at all, but I was sat on settee and wondered what was happening!
  8. Lyndsey


    Did anyone else feel that just a moment ago? Sat on the sofa and felt life I was jolted forward...
  9. J

    Tremor today 11.20

    Did everyone feel the tremor today, any feedback ?
  10. R

    Tremor in Dalyan Today

    Hi, About 1/2 hr ago we was woken up by a small earthquake here in Dalyan. The bed was shaking for a few seconds and so was the lampshade above. Did anyone else around Dalyan feel this? Richnkim
  11. Debby

    Tremor ?

    I felt a massive tremor about an hour or so ago, my tv was visibly shaking as was my sofa !! Biggest one ive felt this year !!! :animation
  12. B

    Earth Tremor?

    This was in the Didymian this week . The lady in question lives in Altinkum... ..."Secondly, did anyone else have an Earth Tremor in their home on Wednesday evening? We have articles on top of our wardrobes, and sitting downstairs watching television, we heard a loud bang from upstairs. Going...
  13. T

    Earthquake tremor

    Felt the sofa shake tonight from a tremor at 2155 Tuesday evening in the Calis Beach area. Seemed it bit stronger than usual. Anyone else feel the earth move tonight? LOL
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